Suginoi Hotel(with the panoramic Tanayu open-air bath+The Aqua Garden)

A spacious hot springs facility with the best view in Beppu

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A spacious “onsen” facility with a panoramic view of the ocean and the city of Beppu from both the open air bath and the onsen pool. You can enjoy a full day here with the many amusement facilities and souvenir shops.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 2:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )
Sunday ( 2:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 2:0 PM ~ 11:0 PM )
Kankaiji, Beppu-shi, Oita
(0977) 24-1141

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The huge open-air bath with the grand view of the city of Beppu

The Suginoi Hotel is located on a plateau 200 meters up from the sea, and on its roof is a hot spring facility. Japan’s largest observation open-air bath, Tanayu, which consists of 5 baths arranged in a terraced rice paddy style, and the onsen entertainment facility of The Aqua Garden where you can wear swimsuits so that even couples can enjoy themselves make up this facility. As you soak in the baths of Tanayu, you can view Beppu Bay and the clouds of steam rising up from Beppu; it’s a comfortable onsen that feels like you’re floating in the sky. You will really want to take a soak during sunset since you can also enjoy the gorgeous night view. Aside from Tanayu, there is a sauna with a view, a barrel bath wafting with the aroma of cypress, an aroma bath and other facilities so that you can the full enjoyment of an onsen tour. At The Aqua Garden, there are plenty of new hot spring experiences in store for you such as Fango Therapy which uses hot spring mud, the Salt Sauna which has a selection of 30 different salts, and the Float Healing Bath where you can float on water that has a high concentration of salt. You can also enjoy the Fountain Show from 6pm to 10pm with its display of water, light and sound. It’s an amazing magical display featured by designer Michel Amann who also handled a similar show at the Versailles Palace.

Facilities and souvenir shops which you can enjoy for an entire day

Inside the Suginoi Palace, there is plenty of variety among the facilities aside from the onsen. There is a spa to receive a real massage and treatments, a quick massage area to get treatments such as reflexology, a bowling alley that also features darts and a game corner, a karaoke box, a table tennis area and a fitness gym. There is also a souvenir shop with plenty of goods, the Beppu Shochu Storehouse with 2500 kinds of shochu from everywhere in Kyushu along with an advisor who can help you with your selection, and stores which deal in confections and food items that are great as souvenirs.

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