“Unhappy Lions”

4 years ago  /  by Susan
I will first start off by saying that you had a good idea for this animal Park. The problem here is the Lions. The way they are treated is unnatural. When they are lead into the park from their pens, they look extremely unhappy. No where in the world have I ever seen a group of male lions be together and not fight. It looks like their spirit has been sucked out of them. They go and get food from the tourists in the buses and must feel so wholeheartedly humiliated. It is not in their nature too beg for food. I worry about their health, happiness and lifespan. Please reconsider the way you treat the Lions. I am going to recommend to all American tourist to avoid this "tourist trap" as it is a place that is cruel to animals. Start treating the Lions more humanely, and you will reap more prosperity and happiness. Regards, S.Ford Animal Lover Admirer of Japanese Culture Business Traveler

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