Yutaki Waterfall

A dynamic waterfall flowing down from Lake Yu-no-ko

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There is an elegance to the water gliding out over the black rock surface. The bubbling water in harmony with the spring flowers and the autumn foliage is a sight so lovely you will never forget it.
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Observation points and places where you can see nature up close

The Yukawa River which begins from Mt. Nikko-Shirane, one of the 100 Famous Mountains in Japan, was dammed up from activity from the Mitake eruption which created Lake Yu-no-ko. Yutaki Waterfall flows from that lake. The bare rock made from lava measures 50m in height and the waterfall flows at a maximum width of 25m into the basin. The water temperature is slightly high due to the water gushing out from many source springs around the lake. During times like winter when the temperature is low, steam rising from the flow gave rise to the name “Yutaki” (hot water falls). The water from the Yukawa River goes from Lake Yu-no-ko over Yutaki Waterfall to Senjougahara, and then over Ryuzu Falls into Lake Chuzenji and then over Kegon Falls, which means that the water flows over the three famous falls in Oku-Nikko. There are observation points and places where you can see nature up close at Yutaki Waterfall which is the waterfall at the highest altitude of 1400m. There is a walking path beside the falls so you can view them at 3 points from the top, the side and at the basin. In particular, there is an intensity at the basin observation point of being able to approach the falls and view them right in front of your eyes. The area around Yutaki is famous for azalea and rhododendron. In Oku-Nikko, there are many hiking courses, but along the Yukawa River there are courses ideal for beginners that take you through Senjougahara. They are popularly used from spring to autumn even during the rainy season.

The Yutaki resthouse is located at the foot of the falls and is a resting area where you can enjoy having a meal while viewing the falls. There are also hiking course spots that stretch out all over Oku-Nikko, and there is fishing in the Yukawa River and birdwatching along with rest points which can also be used as photo locations. Tempura of yuba (tofu skin) and maitake mushrooms which are delicacies in Nikko are popular.

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