Ryuzu Falls

The spectacular sight of the Ryuzu Falls from the teahouse

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The city of Nikko is located 600 meters above sea level, but Ryuzu Falls is at an even higher elevation. It is a waterfall that symbolizes the secluded Oku-Nikko region known as a summer resort area.
Ryuuzunotaki, Chugushi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1661

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The Three Great Waterfalls of Oku-Nikko

At Oku-Nikko, there are Three Great Waterfalls: Kegon Falls, Yudaki Falls and Ryuzu Falls. First, there is Kegon Falls which measures at an epic height of 97 meters. It is also known as one of the great waterfalls of Japan. There is an elevator for tourists there which goes up the entire height of the waterfall at once, and there is an observation point at the bottom of the falls where you can view them up close. You can also see the falls from either Akechidaira Ropeway or Akechidaira Observatory. Second, Yudaki Falls is located to the south of Lake Yunoko whose waters, including the hot springs, do not freeze even in the winter. You can also enjoy the powerful flow of the falls from the observation point close to the basin. As well, you can also observe the profile of the falls from the walking path. This is in the middle of the hiking course of the highland moors of Senjogahara, so it is also popular for being able to stop by the falls easily. The waters of Yudaki Falls flow through Senjogahara and link up with Ryuzu Falls, flowing into Lake Chuzenji.

Enjoy the beauty of Ryuzu Falls

Mt. Nantai is the highest of the mountains at Nikko. From an eruption of Mt. Nantai, Ryuzu Falls was formed from the lava. The step-like rock face made the water flow quickly over its 210 meters. The name “ryuzu” meaning “dragon’s head” came from the large rock at the basin splitting the water into two streams. You can view the falls from up close as you walk along them. The view from the top part is also good, but it’s also recommended to go to Ryuzu-no-Chaya Teahouse where you can view the falls while being able to leisurely sip that cup of tea. The azaleas are particularly beautiful in spring so the entire area is painted in a reddish violet. Moreover, Ryuzu Falls are also well known as a famous place for the autumn colors. From around the end of September, you can enjoy a beautiful collaboration of Ryuzu Falls with the leaves of maple and Japanese linden. Even after seeing the falls, there are many places to sightsee in the surrounding area. See all of Oku-Nikko through the highland moors of Senjogahara in Nikko National Park, Lake Chuzenji, and Yumoto Onsen, all of which can be seen in one panoramic view from the observation point on Hangetsuyama.

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9 years ago
Looks lame, but it isn't!
At first glance from the tea shop, these falls are a disappointment. And maybe they are. But! if you follow the path at the back of the tea-house and climb up the hill, it gets waaaaaaay better. There are multiple smaller falls along the river, which itself is beautiful. If you walk all the way up to the bridge, you have one of the best views I have ever seen in Japan. You can see the majority of the river, along with lake Chuzenji and the mountains. It's amazing! If you follow the river further up it leads you into a serene forest, which has many photo opportunities. All in all, check this place out. Its super rad!
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9 years ago
Entrance Through the Gift Shop
When I first arrived at Ryuzu Falls, I was a little disappointed. It seemed that to enjoy the view, I had to walk through a gift shop. As a left, expensive gifts in hand, I saw a sign. Following the sign I found that I was walking up steep steps that stretched seemingly forever. The path of the steps was alongside the waterfall, and offered some of the best views of Ryuzu Falls, and, I might add, up very close. I could almost reach down and touch the water. A nice bonus was that from the top of the steps, I could also get a great view of Lake Chuzenji in the distance. A great waterfall, but a disappointing gift shop.
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