Hike through the nature of Senjogahara, a high altitude wetland 1400 meters above sea level

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At an altitude of 1400 meters, Senjogahara is located within Nikko National Park. It was named Senjogahara (battlefield) from a legend of the gods coming to this place and fighting battles.
Senzyougahara, Chugushi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1661

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Enjoy the nature of Senjogahara

There is a hiking trail known as Shizen Kenkyuro (Nature Research Trail) which was built to wrap around the entire 400 hectares of the expansive Senjogahara. Taking up to 2 hours to traverse on foot, hiking can be enjoyed within the wetland where flora such as blossoms of Japanese water iris and lotus along with spiraea and cottongrass can be seen. The wetlands freeze over in winter so the plants don’t take root, but against their vast scenery, the starry night sky is lovely and it’s said to be the best in all of the Kanto region. Since summer star formations and meteor streams can be easily seen in this area of high altitude, it’s been recommended for astronomical viewing (since there is over 90% humidity at the wetlands, there is a possibility of equipment getting damp so caution is advised). Senjogahara is also famous for sightings of wild birds such as nightingale and bunting. You can enjoy scenery along with the flora and fauna all throughout the year.

Information on the surrounding area

In terms of information on surrounding facilities when visiting Senjogahara, access by bus and car is convenient when passing through the wetlands via National Highway 120. There is also a bus connecting Nikko Station and Yumoto Onsen. Along with the Sanbonmatsu Teahouse where you can purchase souvenirs, there is also an observation deck at Senjogahara where you can view the vast wetlands. Plus, at the Akanuma bus stop, there is a free rest area at the Akanuma Teahouse which is also used as a starting point for hikers. In the surrounding vicinity, there is Yumoto Onsen where you can enjoy a hot spring and Oda Yoyohara where you can stroll through the meadow.

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