Yumoto Onsen

A trip to Yumoto Onsen in the middle of lush nature is one to sweep your fatigue away

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Yumoto Onsen is a hot spring town by Lake Yunoko in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. Even within Nikko where you can enjoy all kinds of onsen within a lush green environment, this area is especially popular.
2549 Yumoto, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 321-1662
(0288) 62-2570

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Take a healing trip at an onsen…

There are 23 hot spring hotels at Yumoto Onsen whose waters are used in recovery from diseases such as rheumatism and have been known to be beneficial for the skin. Also, there are facilities such as foot baths which can be used for free without needing to stay overnight where you can spend a leisurely time while viewing Lake Yunoko and the surrounding mountains. Furthermore, at Mt. Nikko Onsen-ji Temple which was established by the Japanese monk Shodo Shonin, there is not only a temple but also a hot spring which can be used by worshipers. Shodo Shonin happens to be the person who first discovered Yumoto Onsen about 1200 years ago. And about 10 minutes away from Onsen-ji, the springhead for Yumoto Onsen can be found. Sulfur springs rich in minerals bubble away so you get that onsen town atmosphere where the entire area of Yumoto Onsen has that smell of sulfur. From large hotels such as the Oku-Nikko Kougen Hotel to small hot spring hotels which hold up to 9 rooms, you can enjoy an onsen anywhere. Taking that time to savor a hot spring hotel is fine, but it’s also great to just take a day trip there to get into an onsen whether it be just a foot bath or the full bath at Onsen-ji.

Yumoto Onsen, rich in nature

Around Yumoto Onsen is an environment that is rich in nature. Lake Yunoko which is right beside the onsen town is a body of water that was formed from damming due to an eruption by the Mitake volcano to the northeast. Since the hot springs of Yumoto Onsen flow into the waters streaming from the mountain, the surrounding area has that faint smell of sulfur floating in the air. The reflection of the nearby mountain range on the lake surface is truly beautiful, but it is especially lovely during the fall season. While the waters of the hot springs flow in, they sometimes completely freeze over in the winter. There are plenty of tourists who come over to enjoy fishing but there are also popular hiking courses provided in the surrounding vicinity. The Yudaki waterfall is also a popular tourist spot where the waters of Lake Yunoko fall. With a length of 110 meters and a height of 70 meters, you can view the spectacle of the falls from the observation point at the bottom which is situated in the middle of the walking course for Lake Yunoko. Yumoto Onsen is rich in nature with a lake and waterfall surrounded by mountains. This is a tourist area where you can refresh yourself in the middle of nature and in a hot spring.

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