Shibu Onsen

The retro townscape matching the traditional “yukata” and “geta” worn by visitors, is an onsen town that has lasted for 1300 years

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All of the hot springs in the town are drawn 100% straight from the source springs. Enjoy a stroll through the town or experience the “Kyu-to Meguri” which is a tour of the 9 outdoor baths. The retro atmosphere and the rich variety of qualities of the hot springs is delightful. Nearby there is Jigokudani Yaen-Koen (Monkey Park).
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Nagano Prefecture, Shimotakai District 渋温泉
(0269) 33-2921

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The town’s hot springs all flow from 100% source springs

Shibu Onsen is located in a town deep in the mountains in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture; the entire area is an ancient onsen that is called Yudanaka Shibu Onsen-kyo. Even within the onsen kingdom that has been the name given to Nagano, the quality and quantity of water at Shibu Onsen are particularly rich with 36 accommodation facilities including hotels and ryokan and reasonable outdoor baths which are all sourced from the original source springs. The composition of the water also differs depending on the source spring so that you can sample all kinds of onsen ranging from dark brown water due to a large concentration of iron to cloudy water and green water.

Kyu-to Meguri to answer all of your prayers

Shibu Onsen is known for its Kyu-to Meguri which involves a tour of the 9 outdoor baths. Guests at the ryokan and hotels within the onsen town can use all 9 baths for free and the baths can be enjoyed for the different source springs and effects. With the purchase of a Japanese prayer hand towel, you can tour the baths from No. 1 Hatsu-yu to No. 9 Shibuoh-yu in order and get your towel stamped each time before finally making your way up to Shibutaka Yakushi Temple overlooking the town to get one more stamp so that all of your prayers are answered.

Many tourist spots such as a stroll through the town and Monkey Park

The many wooden buildings which were built and underwent repeated renovations from the Taisho Era to the early Showa Era still retain a retro feeling. There are many people walking around in yukata robes and geta footwear so that you can experience that feeling of being in an ancient Japanese onsen town. About 3km away from Shibu Onsen is Jigokudani Yaen-Koen (Monkey Park). The wild Japanese macaques can be seen entering an outdoor bath especially made for them there, and the park is a spot that is very popular with overseas tourists.

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