Kusatsu Onsen

One of Japan’s Three Best “Onsen”. A luxurious hot springs town to enjoy a variety of “onsen”, from open air baths to foot baths.

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Kusatsu Onsen is a 100% natural hot springs, with its natural spring water output rating top class in Japan. It’s an “onsen” heaven where the facilities are managed by the town, and a place you can enjoy the waters from the natural hot springs even within the baths inside the “ryokan” (Japanese style hotel).
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Kusatsu Hot Springs,Kusatsu Kusatsucho Agatsuma-gun Guma
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You can take a dip into an onsen for fun or to heal any ailments

Yubatake is the symbol of Kusatsu. Located in the center of the onsen town, the spring water comes out at 4000L/min. The central Yubatake packs quite an impact, and with the steam, the smell of sulfur and yukata-garbed people strolling while carrying hand towels, the entire town takes on that onsen atmosphere. At night, Yubatake is all lit up so the onsen town is alive with activity the whole day and night. And only at Kusatsu Onsen can you find 13 public baths. The small bathhouses that are free for both town residents and tourists are carefully managed by the townspeople themselves. The appearance of the waters range from cloudy to clear since the source springs that the baths rely upon are different. There are even bathhouses between ryokan and behind souvenir shops so it’s fun to take a stroll and search them out. When you come to Kusatsu, please drop by Netsunoyu where the famous Yumomi show is performed. The waters of Kusatsu are extremely hot so it has been a long custom to stir them 4 times a day through the use of wooden planks. This Yumomi (stirring of the bathwater) at Netsunoyu is a recreation of an ancient custom which can be appreciated. And visitors can also try Yumomi on weekends and holidays so please give it a shot. Currently, the facility is under renovation although it was open temporarily on April 29th 2015. [AI1] Also, at Chiyonoyu, you can try a bathing method known as “jikan-yu”. After you get into the tub whose water has been cooled down via the Yumomi, you pour water over your head from 3 to 40 times [AI2] and soak in the tub in the 47-48 C degree water for 3 minutes. At this time, the bath leader will call out a set of orders to which guests will respond heartily.  This is a traditional way to take a bath that has been passed down to Kusatsu, a town which has become specialized in hot spring cures. 

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4 years ago
Amazingly beautiful!!
I went Kusatsu Onsen last winter. You can take bus there. I stayed in a ski resort. However while enjoying snowboarding, I Strongly recommend you visit Sainokawara Open-air Bath located near Sainokawara Park. It is probably the largest outdoor hot spring I ever tried. Sooooo relaxing!!
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