Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park

Enjoy the various activities in the huge 400ha area surrounded by nature

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At Hokkaido’s only national park, you can enjoy a variety of natural experiences in its wide spaces. The rainbow at Ashiribetsu Falls that can only be seen during October is especially a must-see.
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Apr.20 - May.31 9:00am〜5:00pm Jun.1 - Aug.31 9:00am〜6:00pm Sep.1 - Nov.10  9:00am〜5:00pm Dec.23 - Mar.31 9:00am〜4:00pm [close] Any time other than the above days (please check with the home page since days may differ depending on the season)
Adult: 410 YEN
Children: 80 YEN

Prices may vary depending on the event
Takino, Sapporo, Hokkaido
(011) 592-3333

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Natural experiences to be enjoyed all throughout the year

Hokkaido’s only national park, Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park boasts a vast eye-opening area of 400 hectares. Ashiribetsu Falls is in particular very famous and the name of “Takino” which means “field of waterfalls” originated from this waterfall. The park consists of 4 zones: Chuushin, Keiryu and the two East and West zones for the Taki-no-Mori (Waterfall Woods) area. With different events going on through spring, summer, fall and winter, you can enjoy the changing lushness of nature depending on the season. In the spring, there are flowers growing everywhere to savor. Along with the cherry blossoms, there are also the white magnolias and the golden blooms of buttercup surrounded by the mountains. You can also observe animals which have come out of hibernation. Lilies of the Valley start opening in June as the season changes into summer when the flowers proliferate in the park so that you can feel nature overflowing with the power of life through the insects and other animals. Having a guide take you on the nature walks for the fall colors and the winter snowscapes is recommended. Furthermore, there are plenty of activities including sports. It’s only in Hokkaido where you can truly enjoy the snow to your heart’s content through activities such as snowshoeing, tube sledding and skiing. But of course, the colorful time of summer is also popular for its activities as well. There are cycling, waterfall tours and marine activities to be experienced. On top of that, there are various playground areas such as Kodomo-no-Tani (Kids’ Valley) and Mori-no-Sumika which are recommended for the whole family. The areas are environments where you can play and learn under the motif of the forest animals and the world of nature. The park is the ideal place for small children to get in touch with nature.

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