Mt. Moiwa

You can enjoy the 360 degree panorama of Sapporo

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Mount Moiwa has one of the top 3 night views of Hokkaido, along with Hakodate and Otaru. On top of that, in the primeval forest of Mount Moiwa, designated as a Natural Monument, you can encounter various examples of flora and fauna.
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[close] The mountain cannot be climbed in the winter due to the snow so please check the homepage.
Mt.Moiwa, Sapporo-shi, hokkaido

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The grand panorama of the scenery of Sapporo

There is the Mt. Moiwa Viewing Point where you can get a panoramic view over Sapporo from the 531m summit. From here, you can get a 360-degree view of the city where the Ishikari Plain and Ishikari Bay spread out. Named Inkarushibe after the Ainu word for “a place to be always climbed and look out over”, the Viewing Point is enjoyed for its dynamic view. The lovely night view that spreads out in front of you has a grandness only to be found in Hokkaido. Accordingly, the incredible beauty of the night view has made Inkarushibe a very popular date spot where a Bell of Happiness has been installed. It is said that if a couple places a padlock on the surrounding handrail, then they will forever be joined. The Viewing Point is known as the holy ground for lovers and is the perfect spot for proposals. When coming to Sapporo, how about bringing that one day to a romantic finish via the night view here?

Enjoying a climb up Mt. Moiwa

The primeval forest of Mt. Moiwa has been selected as one of The Top 100 Natural Features of Hokkaido as well as being designated as a Natural Monument by the nation. Starting with the protected species of black woodpecker, this is also the natural habitat of animals such as the titmouse, the Hokkaido squirrel, the Ezo red fox and the Ezo owl. There are also approximately 450 species of plant life along with many other animals on Mt. Moiwa. Showing different expressions throughout the year, the mountain always has new discoveries for visitors whenever they come with 5 different climbing trails with their own distinct scenery. It’s all right even if you don’t like climbing. There is a ropeway from the foot of the mountain and halfway up you can leisurely reach the peak on the world’s first mini cable car, the Mo-risu Car. The nature learning walking trail on the way there and the nature lecture room are also recommended for families with children.

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