Nakajima Park

A lush green park in the middle of the city of Sapporo

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Its contrast with the surrounding beautiful mountains is lovely as a nationally-recognized Important Cultural Property. Nakajima Park is filled with people throughout the year as an event venue.
1 Nakajimakōen, Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō

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Recommended strolling to feel nature

The most exciting area in Sapporo is the entertainment district of Susukino beside which is Nakajima Park. Although it is located in the center of the city, it is rich in greenery and no matter which season you visit, the surrounding mountains help create the beautiful scenery. On the beautiful surface of Shobu Pond from where you can view Mt. Moiwa, you can also see wild birds. It is a great place to take a walk during spring and summer, but the park is also refreshing in the fall for the changing colors and especially in winter for the snowscapes that are a staple for Hokkaido. During the Golden Week holidays, the Japanese garden is opened so that many visitors want to come at this time to appreciate the lovely flora since the boats also start operating.

Many facilities can be used at the park

In Nakajima Park, there is a variety of facilities such as a concert hall renowned for its great acoustics, Sapporo City Observatory, and the Hokkaido Museum of Literature. In addition, there is also the Hoheikan which was built in 1880 as a Western-style hotel and is now a nationally-recognized Important Cultural Property and the Hasso-an tea house which was donated by Shiga Prefecture. Nakajima Park has a wealth of other facilities for local citizens as well such as a children’s house, tennis courts, a multi-purpose plaza, boating docks and a sports center. Kids can play on equipment and in a pool area so that it is also a park for the whole family.

The Sapporo Festival in June

There are many events held at Nakajima Park with the big event being the Sapporo Festival (official name: the Main Festival of Hokkaido Shrine). Held annually from June 14th to 16th, these are the 3 liveliest days of the year for the park. There are over 500 street stands along with a circus and other attractions.

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8 years ago
A nice place for a stroll
I stayed at a hotel just next to this park. We took a stroll through the park and were surprised at what a hidden gem it is. It is a nice place for a picnic or to see some nature.
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