Oze National Park

A large wetland consisting of nature-rich marshes

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The 29th national park covers an area straddling the four prefectures of Fukushima, Tochigi, Gunma and Niigata. With an area of about 37200ha, this natural area of huge wetland and surrounding marshes has an impressive beauty.
Oze National Park, Minamiaizu District, Fukushima
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Grand Ozegahara

The 650ha that make up the wetlands of Ozegahara are at the center of Oze National Park. Ozegahara is known as Japan’s largest mountain wetlands. The area has a number of streams running through it, along with Hiraname Falls and Sanjo Falls, and Okutadami Dam. The electricity generated by the dam supplies areas such as the capital city of Tokyo. Oze National Park fulfills important roles as an energy resource and as a power spot healing many people with its grand natural beauty. Within its wetlands, there is a wooden walking trail where you can take a stroll through the grandness of nature. It is the place for skunk cabbage in the middle of May, day-lily in mid-July and the fall colors. You can view a variety of flora throughout the year. It also provides the amazing sights of the morning sun racing across the horizon and starry skies at night.

Oze Marsh, a unique highland lake

At Oze Marsh, a prominent Japanese highland, a lake was formed from the eruption of Mount Hiuchigatake. There is a wooden trail surrounding the area to form a course around the lake, with other courses that head for places such as the largest Oe Wetlands so that it is a relatively simple thing to take a stroll in the park. The grand landscape that makes up Oze Marsh and Mt. Hiuchigatake is especially well recommended. The peak time for blossoms is about one month later than usual at Ozegahara but even here, a variety of wetland flowers can be enjoyed.

Plenty of waterfalls at Miike

From Miike which has an altitude of 1520 meters, it’s possible to head over to Oze Marsh, Ozegahara and Mt. Hiuchigatake. The beech forest seen from the plateau is overwhelming. Also, Moukake Falls which mightily flows through that forest, along with Sanjo Falls which has been selected as one of The 100 Waterfalls in Japan, and Hiraname Falls upriver can all be viewed.

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