Doryu Falls

A graceful waterfall on which water flows down many layers like silk

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This waterfall which has been used in the opening credits for TV dramas is especially beautiful and elegant among the number of waterfalls on the Kawamata River. Along with walking in the area, there are also plenty of tourist activities in the vicinity including a free ranch park.
Yamanashi Prefecture, Hokuto, Oizumicho Nishiide 吐竜の滝
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A natural waterfall that looks like something out of a Japanese garden

Located close to the border straddling northern Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, Doryu Falls can be reached from Kiyosato by bus in about 30 minutes. The waterfall is situated some 10 minutes away on foot from the entrance of the Kawamata River Higashizawa Gorge Natural Observation Garden Nature Trail. The Kawamata River that flows from Mt. Yatsugatake is split into Higashizawa and Nishizawa Gorges along which nature trails have been built for an easy stroll. The name of the falls comes from the phrase meaning “the waterfall vomiting dragons”, and through the greenery-surrounded rocks, silk-like water falls over several levels spanning a drop of 10m and a width of 15m. Within the natural beauty of the gorge, it is only here that this scene which seems to have come out of a Japanese garden has this delicate and mysterious air. Along with the fall colors, spring also provides a beautiful setting around the falls with the brilliant green leaves.

A nature trail with many sites to see such as Senmaifuchi and Higashizawa Bridge

The nature trail going upstream toward Higashizawa Bridge is 2.8km in length taking 2.5 hours. In the surrounding area, maple, beech and fir trees abound and as you go forward while hearing the chirps of wild birds, you will encounter phenomena such as distinctive ceiling rocks, Gyoja Falls and the Senmaifuchi pools of water in shallow rocks all formed from the crevices which will further deepen your enjoyment. The red Higashizawa Bridge which spans over the seemingly bottomless valley of Higashizawa Gorge has a length of 90m. Mt. Yatsugatake can be seen in the background among the new leaves of spring and the colors of autumn. There is also an observation point on the eastern side of the bridge so that cars can stop and enjoy the superb view.

A free ranch park for sightseeing in the area

Along the Kawamata River where the southern foot of Mt. Yatsugatake spreads out, there is Yamanashi Prefecture Makiba Park which is a part of Yatsugatake Ranch that has been opened for free. On this large grassland plateau at 1100m~1200m altitude which spreads out for 100,000㎡, there are livestock such as cows, horses, sheep and goats freely grazing while you can also get in touch with small animals.

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