Sights in Yamaguchi


An outlying island with the attractive Tsunoshima Bridge, white sandy beaches and the cobalt-blue sea

Kintai Bridge

One of Japan’s Three Great Bridges. The technology behind the 5 continuous arches that can withstand the swift curren...

Akiyoshi-do Cave

One of Japan’s prominent limestone caves that has been designated as a Special Natural Monument and measures 8.9km in...

Shoin Shrine

A shrine that has enshrined the Bakumatsu era thinker Shoin Yoshida. Its grounds are also the home for 2 World Herita...

Hofu Tenman-gu Shrine

One of Japan’s 3 major Tenman-gu shrines dedicated to the god of learning which is also famous for its plum trees

Iwakuni Castle

A grand panoramic view of the entire city of Iwakuni! Good access is another attractive point

Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

A quasi-national park where you can enjoy not just sightseeing but a trail run as well

Ryugu no Shiofuki (Dragon Palace Geyser)

A phenomenon which shows the mysterious spectacle of seawater being sprayed up a cliff wall to a maximum height of 30m

Moto Nosumi Inari Shrine

A shrine that was chosen by America’s CNN as one of the 31 Most Beautiful Sites to Visit in Japan

Kikko Park

The relics of the residential castle for the Kikkawa clan, the former lords of Iwakuni, with flowers blossoming throu...

Iwakuni Art Museum

A museum where you can closely experience the lifestyle of the samurai and the culture of life and death

Kintaikyo Onsen Itsutsubashi-no-Yu

Relax in a bath with a beautiful view of Kintai Bridge and Iwakuni Castle