Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

A quasi-national park where you can enjoy not just sightseeing but a trail run as well

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Japan’s largest karst plateau that was once part of the sea 300 million years ago. There are many spots in the surrounding area such as limestone caves, campgrounds, and a safari park to enjoy with family or friends.
Akiyoshidai, Shuhocho Akiyoshi Mina-shi,Yamaguchi
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A large grassland which has different views for each season

Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park is a natural treasure trove that measures 17km from east to west and 8km from north to south. The spring is the ideal season to take a stroll there when the heights of the plants are low. Spring wildflowers such as red pasque flowers and Japanese valerian, and the sounds of wild birds are refreshing. In the summer, the entire area is covered in fresh greenery. Blue sky as far as the eye can see and the large green land are joined by white limestone rock which create an attractive landscape that cannot be seen elsewhere. Enjoy Mother Nature while viewing the amazing starry sky at night. The fireworks festival that occurs at the end of July consists of approximately 1800 explosions falling onto the karst. Autumn is a magical season. Pampas grass shimmering in the sun and a sea of clouds can only be seen during this time. The winter scene of the grassland is also lovely. On the third Sunday of every February, there is the Yamayaki during which 1500 hectares of the large area of dry grasses are burned.  At the evening Yamayaki known as the Nobi-no-Saiten (Festival of the Wildfire), the fires spread through the dark of Akiyoshi Plateau where you can get a taste of the out-of-the-ordinary.

Plenty of facilities for families and friends to enjoy in the area

There are numerous limestone caves at Akiyoshi Plateau. Akiyoshi-do Cave is located 100m under the plateau and is Japan’s foremost large-scale limestone cave. The great beauty of the natural formations is filled with changes which will leave a big impression. The Taisho-do Cave at the northeastern end of Akiyoshi Plateau has a very rough impression from its 3-dimensional formation despite it being a relatively young cave. The ceiling and walls of Kagekiyo-do are as wonderful as a work of art and you can see features such as fossilized coral. For families and friends, head for Safari Land. You can view wild animals in a nearly natural environment from your car and then enjoy the adjacent amusement park. The Akiyoshi Plateau Auto Campground is the first campground in the prefecture to have an onsen. The quiet environment surrounded by Mother Nature is a hit with tourists.

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