An outlying island across the Tsunoshima Bridge, with white sandy beaches and surrounded by the cobalt-blue sea

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The island of Tsunoshima became a popular tourist spot representing Yamaguchi Prefecture after the opening of Tsunoshima Bridge in 2000. There are plenty of sightseeing spots other than the 2 swimming areas, including a lighthouse, a park, and a natural history museum.
Tsunoshima, Shimonosekishi, Yamaguchi
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A popular tourist spot for Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tsunoshima, which is located in the Sea of Japan to Yamaguchi Prefecture’s northwest, has a population of about 900 people. Due to the opening of the Tsunoshima Bridge in 2000, it has become a leading tourist spot for the prefecture. Also famous as a location spot for movies, the island is a part of Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park running along the northern coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture where many tourists visit annually. Tsunoshima has been praised for its beautiful white beaches and cobalt-blue sea.

Tsunoshima Bridge, the 2nd-longest bridge in Japan

Tsunoshima Bridge extends for 1780m and connects the prefecture’s Shimonoseki City and the island of Tsunoshima. As a toll-free bridge heading to the island, it is second only to Okinawa’s Kouri Bridge in distance. The beauty of the bridge has become known worldwide as it ranked No. 3 in the bestselling “The breathtaking sights in the world I want to see before I die”. The scenery seen from the bridge is naturally wonderful but an especially superb viewpoint is from Amagase Park at the entrance to Tsunoshima.

The white sandy beaches and the emerald-green ocean

On the island there are two swimming areas: Tsunoshima Ohama Beach/Campground and Shiokaze Cobalt Blue Beach as the pure white sandy beaches with small seashells and the emerald-green sea provide the perfect marine balance. There is also the all-granite Western-style Tsunoshima Lighthouse that has been in operation daily for over a century which is one of the Top 50 Lighthouses in Japan; for a fee, you can climb as far up as the top deck. As well, there are many other spots such as Yumesakinami Park and Tsunoshima Natural History Museum where you can fully enjoy the natural environment.

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