A mystical volcanic lake at a height of 2405m, also known as “God’s Kitchen”.

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An amazing view symbolizing the landscape of Tateyama, known as one of Japan’s Three Famous Mountains. The beauty of the four seasons is reflected on the surface of the lake creating a splendid sight. An “onsen” is also located nearby, making it a good place to rest for hikers.
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A mystical volcanic lake at the top of a mountain which is known as “God’s Kitchen”

At the treasure house of natural beauty known as Mt. Tateyama, there is Mikurigaike, a volcanic lake which stands out for its own beauty. With a sense of serenity, the scenery which reflects the mountain ridge from the lake surface like a mirror is a highlight during a tour of Tateyama. Located at the 2,405m altitude mark, the lake has an area of about 30,000㎡, a depth of 15 m and a circumference of 631 m, making it the largest body of water in the Murodo area. In terms of worship for Mt. Tateyama, Mikurigaike has been dubbed “God’s Kitchen” since it is said that the water of the lake was used to prepare food offerings for the divine incarnation of Tateyama.In summer, the area is covered in beautiful highland flora, and the dwarf stone pine around the lake provides a habitat for the Japanese ptarmigan which has been nationally designated as a Special Natural Monument. If you are fortunate, you may even be able to spot some of these precious birds.

A lakeside course touring precious landscapes including a mountain hut left over from the Edo Era

Around Mikurigaike, there is a trail that even beginner hikers can enjoy walking on. The Mikurigaike lakeside course is recommended as a trail which can be traversed in about an hour. During the course, you will be able to see Tateyama Murodo, Japan’s oldest mountain hut built in the middle of the Edo Era (National Important Cultural Property), Mikurigaike whose waters have a high degree of clarity, Chinoike (Blood Pond) which is a wetland with red pools filled with iron oxide, and the Mikurigaike Observation Point which provides a panoramic view of the lake area.

Relax at Mikuriga Onsen, the highest hot spring in the country

Walking about 12 minutes towards Mikurigaike from Murodo Terminal is Mikuriga Onsen which is famed as Japan’s highest hot spring. From the proud onsen whose waters all flow from a source spring, you can enjoy the view of wonderful mountain scenery. Close to Murodo which is the starting point for mountain climbing, Mikuriga Onsen is the ideal place for climbers coming back down and many visitors drop by to relax. Dropping by the onsen or staying over the night is possible, and if you do stay over, you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of a night sky filled with stars.


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