Yurakucho is a place for adults, that is both reasonable and expensive. Enjoy it as much as you like.

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Yurakucho is a laid-back district close to both the Tokyo Station and Ginza areas. You can get a close sensation of the new and old through the newest fashion buildings and the energetic restaurant row under the railway crossing.
Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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How to enjoy Yurakucho

Among the entertainment areas of Tokyo, Yurakucho is a place for adults. Close to Ginza and Tokyo Station, the neighborhood is dotted with playhouses and movie theaters. Shops of high fashion and the latest shopping towers are all lined up along with high-class restaurants and reasonable food stands to create an area with a wide range of variety. During the day, Yurakucho is filled with businesspeople but on the weekends, there are plenty of folks going shopping and catching movies, and on the way home, they finish off a relaxing day by grabbing a tasty bite to eat. It’s a great place that fits a day off for good friends, people on a date and married couples.

Shopping in Yurakucho

There have been many department stores in Yurakucho for the longest time, but in recent years, there has been a growth in the number of new and redeveloped commercial facilities which has increased the liveliness factor even more. For instance, there is the new Yurakucho landmark of Itocia, and then there are fashionable establishments such as Lumine, Hankyu MEN’S TOKYO, and Hibiya Chanter which bring the “now” to the area. As well, there is also the famed large-scale electronics store, Bic Camera, in front of the station, and once you take a step into the huge building, you’ll find a full line of products that can stand up to anything offered in Akihabara.

An area with reasonable food and high-class cuisine

Delicious food is especially found in the most well-established of neighborhoods, and Yurakucho, having been a place for adults from long ago, doesn’t lack in fine fare. From Yurakucho to the borders of Ginza, there are a lot of veteran high-class restaurants which are treasures of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, tempura and crab. However, on the other hand, there is a restaurant row under the railway crossing serving food with an Asian twist. Reasonably priced, there are plenty of eateries with that distinct Asian charm serving food such as tasty yakitori and ramen. It’s fun to have those delicious dishes while drinking down a beer.

Take that relaxing stroll through Yurakucho

There are plenty of places in Yurakucho to walk and relax. The Tokyo International Forum built in 1997 by American architect Rafael Viñoly has a beautiful near-futuristic design which has received 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan; the glass tower itself has been given 3 stars. There are various exhibitions and events at the site from time to time, and the ground-level modern plaza is a Yurakaucho rest area with a taste of the future that is adorned with beautiful trees. During weekday lunch hours, food trucks congregate and people can enjoy casual takeout food. Also, on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, Japan’s largest flea market is held where you can easily obtain some of the more unusual Japanese antiques.

In addition, walk over to Hibiya Park. An urban park with over 110 years of history, it has been loved by people for decades for its fountains and grassy field. You can enjoy this opulently designed park with a variety of facilities such as a Japanese garden with remnants of the Edo Era and two concert halls.

Last but not least, why not drop by the Imperial Hotel that boasts a 125-year history? By having either an afternoon tea or a drink at the lounge bar, you can bring an elegant day to an end.

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From Shinjuku Station to Yurakucho Station:
Take the Chuo Line to Kanda Station, change trains to the Yamanote Line to Yurakucho Station (15 minutes, ¥200)

From Tokyo Station to Yurakucho Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct to Yurakucho Station (2 minutes, ¥140)

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