The residences of daimyo (feudal lords) turned into Sio-Site. A future city continuing to evolve

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A grand evolution of an Edo Era city developing over 400 years. Shiodome’s evolution continues as a truly futuristic multi-purpose city with high-rise office towers, a hotel and recreational facilities.
汐留シオサイト,1-8-2, Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Shiodome, a city continuing to develop since the Edo Era

About 400 years ago, Shiodome was a Tokyo bayshore wetland that underwent construction work to become a castle town under a proclamation by Ieyasu Tokugawa, the shogun for the Edo government, and as a result, the area underwent reclamation. When work was complete, it became a residential area for the daimyo. Following the demise of the warrior society, a railway and freight terminal were built but before long, they ceased to be used. In 1995, redevelopment was started according to a joint civilian and Tokyo government project, and as of 2004, the area was transformed into Sio-Site, a gigantic multi-purpose city which includes office towers, a TV station, a hotel and commercial facilities.

Sio-Site, a redeveloped city

At Sio-Site, there are high-rise office towers and a hotel, and on the subterranean pedestrian deck connecting them, there are many restaurants and shops, creating a new multi-purpose city. The area is divided into 5 zones with Zone 1 being Caretta Shiodome, which has a dedicated theater for the Shiki Theatrical Company for performances of musicals and dramas and Japan’s first advertising museum, Ad Museum Tokyo. In addition, the headquarters for the major TV station, Nippon Television, are located there where events and broadcasts are done. At the annual Shiodome Expo in summer, pavilions and staged events for the station’s hit programs are held. In winter, the plaza is beautifully illuminated and becomes a total fantasy world. For adults planning to spend a leisurely time there, the Hotel Conrad Tokyo in Zone 2 has various restaurants and bars. The “Twenty-Eight” bar and lounge on the 28th floor also has a wonderful view, and during the day, the National Place of Scenic Beauty of Hamarikyu Gardens can be seen. At night, the lovely nightscape of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge can be enjoyed.

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Shiodome can be reached from Shiodome Station. Alternatively, it can be reached from Shimbashi Station by taking exits 1D or 2D and walking straight forward from the exits. You will reach the Shiodome area on foot in under one minute.

From Shinjuku Station to Shiodome Station:
Take the Oedo Line direct to Shiodome Station (24 minutes, ¥270)

From Tokyo Station to Shimbashi Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct Shimbashi Station (4 minutes, ¥140)


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