Kabuki-za, the world’s foremost theater for kabuki

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Renovated in 2013, Kabuki-za has become more enjoyable than ever for the world of kabuki. You can enjoy not just watching the Japanese dramatic form, but also souvenirs, sweets and exhibits associated with kabuki.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

9:30am-6:30pm・10:00am-6:00pm(sales office) 8:00am-9:30pm(food and miscellaneous items※until after the end of the performance) Times will vary depending on the performance program [close] 12/30-1/1 No scheduled holidays. Please check the official homepage.
4-12-15 Ginza, Chūō-ku, Tokyo
(03) 3545-6800

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“First Time Kabuki” for newcomers

The traditional Japanese cultural form of kabuki has that high-class image at a glance, but at Kabuki-za, there are many services to help those who are seeing kabuki for the first time. First off, there is special seating for those customers who want to just see the scene of their choice. There are 150 of these seats on the 4th floor of the theater, so it’s recommended for those people who want to see that scene many times or for those first-timers in the world of kabuki. Those tickets are available at the sales office located to the left of the 1st-floor lobby. Also, there is not only a Japanese-language guide but also an English subtitle guide which can be purchased. Understanding the words is not necessary to enjoy the liveliness and vibrancy of kabuki, but being able to deeply understand the story through the summary, script and nagauta songs will further viewers’ appreciation.

Special sweets and souvenirs

One of the features of Kabuki-za is to be able to feel the world of kabuki without seeing a kabuki performance. For instance, anyone can try the restaurants inside of the theater to enjoy Japanese cuisine including kabuki udon noodles and kabuki zenzai soup (the restaurants can only be used by Kabuki-za customers so prior reservations are necessary). At the souvenir shop, you can purchase a variety of goods such as Kabuki-za-inspired items such as tenugui towels, and special soft-serve ice cream and other foods. Access to the theater is a breeze in all kinds of weather thanks to an underground passage beneath Yurakucho and Ginza Stations without needing to go above ground.

Still many more attractions at Kabuki-za

The rooftop of Kabuki-za is freely accessible to everyone for its garden. This garden which is in the middle of the tall buildings of Ginza is a relaxing oasis. At the Kabuki-za Gallery in the cultural complex of Kabuki-za Tower, costumes and props that were actually used on stage are on display. Audio guides can be used although they are only in Japanese.

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8 years ago
See the most beautiful women who are actually men
I made my dream come true to see a Kabuki play at this famous theatre in Ginza and I have to say, that it was an amazing experience! Thanks to my audio guide, I could follow up the 4 plays we were watching that day. Because of their singing style and the old language it's really difficult to understand a word. What impressed me the most: the different staged. They put a whole house on it and changed it many times. It's just incredible. Same as the actors. Even if they play a woman they look so much more feminin in their Kimono as I could ever look like.
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