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The famous tuna fish auction at Tsukiji Fish Market. It will continue even after the move to Toyosu.

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The auction where humongous tuna fish are lined up and participants auction them off. This popular event ended on Sep. 15th 2018 due to the closure of Tsukiji Fish Market. It is predicted that the auctions will be opened up again after the move to Toyosu.
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Viewings have ended on Sep. 15 2018
5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo, Tsukiji Market
(03) 3547-8011

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The incredible live auctions

As the kitchen for Japan, Tsukiji Market has about 40,000 people working daily. Boasting the world’s largest amount of seafood business, this is truly a market in marine products that represents the world. Buyers with square purchasing badges and long boots jostle about at Tsukiji Market and the place is always overflowing with passion and activity. Even within this market filled with power, the tuna auctions contain the most heat. The talk of the town was in 2013 when a 222 kg tuna was bid for a history-making 150 million yen. The environment of voices ringing out at the auction in search of obtaining high-quality tuna is something that can only be found at Tsukiji Market. You can get that close-up look at the market where huge amounts of money are bandied about.

Reservations are taken at 5am on that day

The tuna auctions take place in the early morning. To observe them, you have to make your reservations on that day during the time that reservations are taken since other means for reservations are not possible. Applications are taken at the Osakana Fukyu Center (Fish Information Center) at Kachidoki Gate on the 1st floor from 5am. However, if there are a lot of people waiting, the time may be moved up so getting there before 5 is recommended. Also it is useful to note that you can ask about the most recent time that reservations end up to the day before. For closing days, it is good to occasionally check for the days that the market is closed on the calendar on the homepage. The auctions are divided into first and second halves but the really big tuna is auctioned off in the second half so that particular time is recommended. You will want to avoid being near the thick pillars since it is hard to see from there.

Convenient to have

Once you have decided to take part in observing the auctions, there are a few points that you should follow. The auction floor is slippery so sneakers and any other appropriate footwear is recommended. In the waiting room, having a foldable chair or a seat cushion would be convenient. Also, bringing a blanket for the air-conditioned waiting room is a good thing.

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