Tokyo Dome City

A stadium, an amusement park and a spa all in one facility. Have fun on an urban holiday.

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You can enjoy watching sports, an amusement park, restaurants, a spa and a hotel within the same area. Tokyo Dome City is a general amusement facility where you can enjoy a whole day in the center of Tokyo.
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1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
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What is Tokyo Dome City?

In Tokyo Dome City, which started as an outdoor baseball stadium in 1937, there are many various kinds of facilities such as the main ones of Tokyo Dome, Japan’s first domed stadium, the amusement park Tokyo City Dome Attractions, the spa LaQua and the Tokyo Dome Hotel along with the multipurpose Meets Port with its concert hall and restaurants, the space museum TenQ and a bowling alley and roller skating rink. Tokyo Dome City is an urban entertainment facility where you can have fun for an entire day and not get bored.

Tokyo Dome, the all-weather stadium

Japan’s first roofed baseball stadium opened in 1988. The total area is about 4.7 hectares with a seating capacity from 46,000-55,000 people, and due to its shape, it was given the nickname of Big Egg. The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame is located inside the stadium, and the achievements of players who contributed to the world of Japanese baseball are admired there. Various information related to baseball is also displayed. And the stadium is not only just for baseball, but also for events and concerts, and on days when the top musicians within Japan and overseas perform, the area is overflowing with huge crowds.

Tokyo Dome Attractions where you can have fun for a day

Since its opening in 1955, it has been loved by everyone as an amusement park within the city. Renovations have been done repeatedly over the years in answering the needs of the generations, and in 2003, the spa LaQua was opened. Further evolution has been achieved as an urban amusement park which adults can enjoy. A roller coaster that cuts an arc through the sky was launched, and a haunted house is always popular. In addition, there is also a fountain which spouts water as a dance in time with music to add to the many fun attractions.

Illumination to remind one of the winter season

Tokyo Dome City is at its shining best in winter. Right now, a winter custom is the fantasy world created from the 2.2 million LED lights which is a dream land which all can enjoy as they return to their childhood. The illumination isn’t restricted to the amusement park alone but it’s found all over Tokyo Dome City so the area is overflowing in a fantasy of light. Enjoy to the fullest a winter fantasy in the middle of Tokyo while having fun at night.

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9 years ago
Dome Alone
I visited Tokyo Dome City at the end of 2014. It was wrapped in light as part of its annual winter illuminations. The theme for the illuminations was ‘Light of Promenade’, and there were a lot of lights. 2.2 million to be exact. Attractions included the ‘Galaxy Dome’, the elaborately titled, ‘Glorious Chandelier’, and a ‘Milky Way’ of light, featuring a 140 metre long corridor lit by motion sensors. The corridor of lights changed colour as people walked beneath them. The corridor was directly under the path of a well lit roller coaster; as the ride roared above, the lights flickered and shook. Despite the subtle Christmas theme featuring only nine massive Christmas trees, the rest of the illuminations looked quite nice. An instrumental version of ‘A Whole New World’ from Disney’s Aladdin bellowed from every speaker in the vicinity, a giant statue of Ultraman stood guard beside a glass pyramid of multicoloured lights, and people dressed in Santa Claus outfits dashed about merrily. Alone, I walked the full length of the illuminations, passing couple after couple holding hands and smiling. Definitely a place to come for a romantic evening for three months over Christmas when the illuminations are up. The rest of the dome was full of the usual shops, restaurants, attractions, sports fans, and the theme park which can be enjoyed all year round.
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