Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Garden

Relax at the Japanese garden at the historic Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

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This garden, built in the 19th century, is a different world. You spend an elegant time here where you can feel as if you aren’t in the city at all.
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2-10-8, Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
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The Chinzanso garden  

Care to spend an elegant day at your own pace within the metropolis? You can spend that day by choosing the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Despite its location within the heart of Tokyo, the hotel has been praised for its quiet environment filled with nature atop a hill. In fact, in 2013, it was awarded as The Best Luxury Hotel in Japan by the UK publication, “Business Destinations” and in the following year, it was judged to be The Best Business Hotel in Japan at the 2014 MICE Report Awards. 

The hotel has a Japanese garden, restaurants, party facilities, a wedding hall, a spa and other amenities, so even for non-guests, the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is recommended for people who are thinking of taking a leisurely break while getting a taste of a Japanesque atmosphere.

The garden also has a particular value in visiting it. Camellia have grown wild in this area since the 14th century so it was called Tsubaki-yama (Camellia Mountain). The hotel’s name is derived as another reading of the kanji for Tsubaki-yama.

Afterwards in 1878, military officer and later Prime Minister Aritomo Yamagata purchased the land out of his own pocket to create a residence and garden. And then, Baron Heitaro Fujita, who came into possession of the garden, wanted to retain its status as a famous garden so while maintaining the garden that Yamagata had built, Fujita had historical monuments moved from all over Japan and placed in this area to further refine the garden. One of these monuments is a three-storey pagoda from Hiroshima that was installed at the top of the garden. It’s estimated that the pagoda is a 16th-century (late Muromachi Era) structure and has been recognized as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property. It is recommended to visit to appreciate the all-season flora such as winter camellia and the spring cherry blossoms and the other historic sites.

In addition, at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, there are 12 establishments providing Japanese and Western cuisines along with a café, a lounge and a bar. There is even a restaurant within the garden that serves Japanese fare so that after a stroll through the garden, you can also enjoy a meal there while leisurely admiring the view.

One day to spend at your leisure recovering from the rigors of touring. An elegant day in Tokyo can be experienced by taking a garden walk, enjoying a meal and relaxing in a spa and a lounge, all at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. 

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