University of Tokyo

The true charm of walking through the wide campus of the University of Tokyo, the symbol of knowledge

In addition to the historical buildings, the University of Tokyo’s Hongo Campus has some beautiful nature spreading out. Tourists can leisurely take a stroll and also enjoy the restaurants and cafés.
University of Tokyo, Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo, Japan
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Enjoy the buildings with a sense of history

The Hongo Campus at the University of Tokyo has a long history within the metropolis of Tokyo and is located in the Hongo/Yushima area which has been loved by many celebrated literary masters. The University of Tokyo is a national university that is acclaimed in Japan and overseas and has had many students who have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners and excellent researchers. It also has a high reputation abroad and many students and researchers have visited from all around the planet. In its long history, the campus which has been walked through many times by great people of the past is rich in nature so that the everyday life of the city can be forgotten here. When you walk along the red brick walls, you will see a bright red gate in front of you known as the Akamon (Red Gate). A nationally-designated Important Cultural Property, it was built in 1827 as the protective gate for the Maeda family of the Old Kaga Clan. Also, there is the red-brick Yasuda Auditorium in the center of the campus which is the symbol for the entire university and holds events such as graduation ceremonies. As well, there is Sanshiro Pond named after Soseki Natsume’s novel, “Sanshiro” and the famous avenue lined with 120-year-old gingko trees leading up to Yasuda Auditorium. In the fall, the gingkos shine in gold as the popular avenue is enveloped in a beautiful yet solemn atmosphere.

The University of Tokyo campus to impress your palate

Although tourists cannot enter any of the research labs, they can enjoy meals at the university cafeterias, cafés and restaurants. There is the UT café BERTHOLLET ROUGE right by the Akamon for lunch and dessert, the Blue Clair Seiyoken on the top floor of the UT Graduate School, and the French restaurant Camellia in the beautiful brick Ito International Research Center which was constructed in 1917 among other wonderful dining establishments. After enjoying your meal, enjoy a walk through Yushima or Hongo.

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