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Tokyo Disney Resort is comprised of both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney Resort is Japan’s leading amusement park.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Sunday ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Adult: 7,400 YEN
Children: 4,800 YEN
Tokyo Disneyland, 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba
(045) 330-5211

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Tokyo Disneyland

Modeled after the Magic Kingdom in America’s Disneyland, there is also Cinderella’s Castle as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland. The entire area is divided into seven theme parks with a total of 43 different attractions, 53 merchandise shops and 53 food and beverage outlets. Near the main entrance of the park, you can find the World Bazaar, which has souvenir shops lined up as an arcade street and is modeled to replicate the atmosphere of the early 20th century in the United States.

Thrilling Theme Park Rides

At the jungle-like Adventureland, you will find thrilling rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions and Western River Railroad. Furthermore, at Westernland that was modeled on the 19th-century pioneer era in the western region of the United States, you will find roller coasters such as Big Thunder Mountain and Mark Twain’s Riverboat.

Critter Country, named after the small animals on the banks of the American rivers, is populated with those same animals, and also includes Splash Mountain which boasts an impressive 16-meter drop as one of the most popular rides at the park. Even if you cannot work up the courage to get on the ride, it is compelling enough just to be a spectator of the faces of people who experience the intense drop on this ride. Parade At night, try watching the Electrical Parade. It is the showcase for Tokyo Disneyland at night as characters decorated in colorful lights parade about. There is also Once Upon A Time which was added as a regular feature from 2014 and involves Cinderella’s Castle being given a magical atmosphere through project mapping. The castle transforms into a picture book and a dream world unfolds with the help of popular characters.

Popular attractions

Fantasyland brings together many popular attractions such as Peter Pan, Snow White and Dumbo. Also, there are the coffee cups from Alice In Wonderland and the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. Then there is Toon Town where the animated Disney characters reside. Surrounded by adorable buildings which pop out at you, it feels as if you have entered the world of cartoons. You can tour the homes of each of the characters and Mickey Mouse’s house is especially recommended since you can even take a picture with Mickey himself. Plus, there is Tomorrowland with its buildings of the near future. With an outer space theme, you can enjoy being with characters such as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and the characters from Monsters Inc.

For those who want their thrills, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain are all recommended.

A carefree visit to Tokyo Disnelyand

There are fewer attractions at Tokyo Disneyland than those at Disneyland in the United States, and all rides and attractions can also be enjoyed over there. Nonetheless, Tokyo Disneyland does have its unique features. For example, the popcorn sold at Tokyo Disnelyand has unique ‘Japanese’ flavors and many restaurants serve wa-shoku, or Japanese food. Furthermore, there are many merchandise and souvenirs sold at the park that are limited only to Tokyo Disneyland.

There are pamphlets translated into English at the entrance of the park. Furthermore, those of the ‘cast’, or employees of the park, who are able to speak English have a designated gold pin on their costumes. If there are any concerns or problems during your time at the park, you can easily rely on them.

Tokyo DisneySea

Adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland is Tokyo Disney Sea, the first Disney resort with the theme of the world’s oceans. After enjoying your first day at Disneyland, by all means, head over to Disney Sea on your second day.

Japan’s Disney resorts are renowned as having the best hospitality everywhere. Although the superb hospitality at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea have been praised in many domestic TV programs and books, the attentive nature of Japanese hospitality has attracted attention from all over the world. The cast and staff at Tokyo Disneyland are consistently working hard to ensure that the level of hospitality provided is kept high and they accommodate to visitors of all backgrounds and nationalities. It is this concern from the cast and staff at Tokyo Disneyland that lasts long in the memories and hearts of the visitors.

Nearby Disneyland

In addition, there is a shopping center called IKSPIARI if you proceed to the left hand side of JR Maihama Station. There are various options for you to choose from, such as TGIF, Rain Forest Café and Monsoon Café, plus a food court and a movie theater. Since this shopping center is connected to Tokyo Disneyland, it is certainly an option to also dine at IKSPIARI instead of Disneyland.  

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From Maihama Station, follow signs for the Disney Resort Monorail.

From Tokyo Station to Maihama Station:
Take the Keiyo Line to Maihama Station (16 minutes, ¥220)

From Shinjuku Station to Maihama Station:
Take the Chuo Line to Tokyo Station, change trains to the Keiyo Line to Maihama Station (33 minutes, ¥390)

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