Toyosu, undergoing redevelopment, is a fun area to spend time with the family.

Toyosu is a notable area in Tokyo that is undergoing an evolution toward the future. It is an area that is in a good location for business, amusement and living that is just 5 minutes away from Ginza by subway as it continues to grow.
Toyosu , Koto-ku, Tokyo


A town by the sea undergoing redevelopment

Formerly an area that grew on land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay as an industrial zone, Toyosu is being reincarnated due to a large-scale redevelopment project. Office buildings and condominiums are being constructed as the residential/commercial areas are developing. Also, large-scale multipurpose commercial complexes are being built while a rich Toyosu continues to progress on the waterfront. There is expectation that there will be further development as the famed central market of Tsukiji is transferred to the area and a sports arena for the Tokyo Olympics is built nearby.

Shop at the major shopping mall of LaLaport Toyosu

The large LaLaport Toyosu which was built from the remnants of a historic dockyard has about 180 shops and restaurants to attract the customers. There are also plenty of other facilities such as the cinema complex United Cinemas Toyosu which has 12 screens and a maximum seating capacity of 1770 where children and adults can enjoy a whole day at the mall which has a central presence in the neighborhood.

Experience a job at KidZania Tokyo

At the popular theme park Kidzania Tokyo, your children can choose from over 90 occupations that they are interested in and actually work. After learning the basics, they can work at being pilots, police officers, bakers, store staff, models, etc. Depending on the job, they can earn a currency called “Kidzo” within the park which they can use to purchase items and also realize the fun of working. There is also an ample food court and the whole family can go out and enjoy a day. There is also a day pass but it’s also good to reserve in advance on the Net since Kidzania is very popular.

Kidzania Tokyo Web page (English)

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