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DisneySea is a theme park which opened within Tokyo Disney Resorts in 2001. It is the first of the world’s Disney resorts to have an oceanic concept.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Sunday ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 8:0 AM ~ 10:0 PM )

Dependent on the season so please check the homepage
Adult: 7,400 YEN
Children: 6,800 YEN
Tokyo DisneySea 1-13 Maihama Urayasu, Chiba

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The seven theme parks

DisneySea was originally meant to be built in Long Beach, Los Angeles, but the plans were actually realized in the Tokyo area. DisneySea is divided into 7 smaller theme parks. Going off the arcade from the entrance, there is Mediterranean Harbor which expands along a canal, American Waterfront which has the theme of an American port town of the early 20th century, the near-future urban port of Port Discovery, Lost River Delta where you can get a feel of the Caribbean Sea of the 1930’s, the Arabian Coast which was created by the Genie from the movie “Aladdin”, the Mermaid Lagoon where Ariel and the rest of the mermaids from “The Little Mermaid” reside, and Mysterious Island which has the volcanic Mt. Prometheus, the symbol of Tokyo DisneySea.

The Center of the Earth

A giant passenger ship docking at the port and streets of New York City, an erupting volcano and the ocean spreading out in front of it based on the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, streets based on the harbors of America and Italy, and other designs with their own themes that feel as if you’ve taken a time trip to those nations, where you can enjoy yourselves simply by strolling through them … that is a feature of Tokyo DisneySea which has been popular with children and adults alike.

Popular characters

Naturally, there are characters that can be found at Tokyo DisneySea such as Ariel and the Genie, along with the most famous ones such as Mickey and Minnie. However, the most popular character is Duffy, who was created as a teddy bear by Minnie for Mickey. There is also Sherry Mae, Duffy’s girlfriend, and Gelatoni the cat, who are also popular. There are many visitors who come to DisneySea just to buy their goods. They had also been sold at Disney resorts in America, but they didn’t become as popular as they have in Japan. Realizing their explosive popularity in Japan, the United States and Hong Kong have also started selling them again. Inside Tokyo DisneySea, young women and children are carrying the Duffy teddy bears all over the park, putting them in costumes, and taking photos of them together.

A romantic evening

Unlike at Tokyo Disneyland, wine and beer are sold at Tokyo DisneySea, and a romantic atmosphere can be enjoyed. In particular, the night shows are a hit with couples and families. Please enjoy these along with Tokyo Disneyland. Also, Tokyo Disney Resorts are famous for the quality of their hospitality, which is top in Japan. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, the staff can handle any problems that may arise, and you can enjoy this wonderland in perfect security.

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From Maihama Station, follow signs for the Disney Resort Monorail.

From Tokyo Station to Maihama Station:
Take the Keiyo Line to Maihama Station (16 minutes, ¥220)

From Shinjuku Station to Maihama Station:
Take the Chuo Line to Tokyo Station, change trains to the Keiyo Line to Maihama Station (33 minutes, ¥390)

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7 years ago
Disney for Adults!
I have never been to Disney before Tokyo, but I can say that DisneySea is my favorite! Its definitely the best Disney for adults! Its lovely to go with friends and if you use fast passes smartly there is no much waiting in lines! I also love the Disney goods on sale! Very cute! And Japan is the best country to wear those goods even outside Disney!
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8 years ago
So much fun!
I love how much work they put into all the details of this park. With a friend I spend a fun day here riding as many fun attractions as possible. It's a little bit pricy, but you won't regret the money. Annotation: can be depressing seeing all the couples while being single ;)
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9 years ago
The Best Theme Park for Couples!
I went here with my wife and we both had an amazing day at Disney Sea! Unlike Disneyland, which is mostly aimed at families, I felt Disney Sea was more targeted towards adults - in particular couples going on a cool date, or a group of friends just enjoying the day together. In this regard, it felt more relaxed and casual than my previous Disney theme park experiences. They even serve beer at many of the restaurants in the park! Not that children can't enjoy the park, its just that the overall feeling was the park was meant for adults to have fun too! In fact, all of the park is child-friendly (apart from the beer) and they also have designated children's themes such as Ariel's undersea playground. What you also get is a distinctly different feel from Disneyland in that many of the rides and themed areas are unique to Disney Sea. Tokyo Disneyland, on the other hand, has many of the same rides and is much more akin to Disneyland in the US. I would recommend both if you have never been to a Disneyland before. If you have, then probably just stick with Disney Sea, as it is quite a bit different. A few words of advice though: 1. Try to come during a weekday as weekends/holidays are way too busy. We came during the week and even then we though it was busy. 2. Arrive early in the morning and get your first fastpass right away - like literally right after you enter the gates. You can only get one fastpass per X# of hours, so its best to get it early to avoid waiting in line for those popular rides. Btw we found the Toy Story ride to be the longest wait. 3. If you are a cheapo, there are discounted rates after 3:00pm and after 6:00pm, but keep in mind these are also the busiest times.
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