A downtown area which has everything from fashion and entertainment to subculture

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Ikebukuro is an area where young people gather. A huge number of people commute through Ikebukuro everyday using its 8 train lines. It is a neighborhood which is full of fashion stores and restaurants and also subcultures.
Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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Ikebukuro, a prominent bustling area of Japan

Ikebukuro matches up with Shinjuku and Shibuya as a major entertainment area and has come alive as a neighborhood centering around a station whose east and west sides are bracketed by giant department stores. It has grown into a huge downtown district with the continuing rise in the number of commercial facilities such as department stores, electronics shops, dining establishments and theaters. JR Ikebukuro Station which is the center of the area is a transfer hub for the 8 lines that link to the residential neighborhoods, and in one day, over 2.7 million people go through the station. Ikebukuro itself has become a megacity with a reported 1 million people coming into the area per day.

Enjoy shopping in Ikebukuro

Since the launch of the Seibu Department Store at the east gate of Ikebukuro Station in 1940, the Tobu Department Store set up stakes during the 1960s at the west gate and later on, famous stores such as Marui, Parco, Lumine and Sunshine City have opened one-by-one to add to the bustling atmosphere. Although there is naturally the fashion shops, Ikebukuro is also famous for its gourmet industry so the area depachika (department store basements) are thriving with foods such as select ingredients, household dishes and sweets. All of the department stores compete against each other so they continue to look for only the best ingredients from all over the country and provide high-quality food.

The area for women who love Japanese sub-culture

These days, Ikebukuro has been popular as a Japanese sub-culture Mecca for manga and anime. What separates it from Akihabara and Nakano Broadway is that it has products that tend more toward women. Near Sunshine City, there is a 200-meter section of street known as Otome Road where stores specializing in manga, anime and fanzines appealing to women are located. As well, inside Sunshine City itself, there is J World Store which has an amusement park by popular manga magazine Shonen Jump where you can experience the world of “Naruto” and “One Piece”. For those cosplayers who like to create their own costumes, the major handicraft store Yuzawaya is recommended. Within the store, there is a cosplay corner where not only costumes but also a lot of the material including wigs is provided.

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From Shinjuku Station to Ikebukero Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct to Ikebukuro Station (9 minutes, ¥160)

From Tokyo Station to Ikebukuro Station:
Take the Yamanote Line direct to Ikebukuro Station (24 minutes, ¥200)

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6 years ago
Has everything
Ikebukuro has anything from aquariums, shopping areas, department stores, and lots of good restaurants. One I would recommend here is the "Mutekiya ramen". It can be crowded especially during lunch hours though.
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7 years ago
The Real Tokyo Feel
Ikebukuro is one of the main stations on the famous Yamanote train line, so it was very easy to reach. Upon arriving in Ikebukuro I found that the station had many exits, but when you follow the signs to Sunshine City it leads you the lively Sunshine shopping street and eventually Sunshine City a huge mall with even more shops, the sunshine Aquarium and a planetarium. I've spend my whole afternoon and evening here and will definitely come back again to visit the huge Animate store, anime fans' dreamland.
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7 years ago
Fun place to hang out!
Ikebukuro is a very fun area and my favorite spot there is Sunshine city! A mall with an aquarium, ice cream city, planetarium, and much more! Really fun spot!!! Great to hang out as a couple or friends!
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9 years ago
This place reminds me of the TLC song red light special. The nightlife here is pretty interesting. I don't know if I love it or hate it. It's great for groups of more than 4 to go running the night streets but make this a two person journey and it's nuts. I learned here is where many people try to get you in their bars or clubs. These clubs are those exactly what they seem like type clubs. Make eye contact to almost any of the people and they will spot you like a 10,000 yen bill on the ground. Other than that this place is a fun experience even to feel as if you're in some Japanese gangster movie. So rules, don't make eye contact unless you want to be bothered about clubs. You have to pay to get in some even if you want to look, and yes it's like Nigerian and Yakuza movies.
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9 years ago
Ikebukuro is a very nice place to walk around and enjoy the citylife
Ikebukuro differs from the rest of Tokyo. With a huge pedestrian zone and lots of shops of every kind, Ikebukuro is good for shopping, looking for novel products or just walking around. Near the station there is a great music store called Ishibashi where you can find lo's of guitars, as well as drums, pianos, keyboards, and other music equipment. You are allowed to test them all for free! A fantastic place for musicians who don't have their instrument with them but want to play.
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9 years ago
Interesting area, nice if you are interested in Japanese sub-Culture
Probably a great place to visit if you have teenage sons or daughters, but for me, this isn't the case, and a trip to Ikebukuro often fills me with disappointment. Simply, Ikebukuro makes me feel old. The area seems to be a place where the youth of today hang out. Shops cater to this too, and there are attractions that are simply not great for adults. Saying that, Ikebukuro does feature some very nice artwork, and, there are many areas here where you can catch a street performance; statues and live painting seem popular with the kids these days. Coffee shops are aplenty, which is good because I do like coffee, but other than that, everything else is spread a little too far apart, and a visit here doesn't seem to be worth it.
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