“Interesting area, nice if you are interested in Japanese sub-Culture”

8 years ago  /  by Luke
Probably a great place to visit if you have teenage sons or daughters, but for me, this isn't the case, and a trip to Ikebukuro often fills me with disappointment. Simply, Ikebukuro makes me feel old. The area seems to be a place where the youth of today hang out. Shops cater to this too, and there are attractions that are simply not great for adults. Saying that, Ikebukuro does feature some very nice artwork, and, there are many areas here where you can catch a street performance; statues and live painting seem popular with the kids these days. Coffee shops are aplenty, which is good because I do like coffee, but other than that, everything else is spread a little too far apart, and a visit here doesn't seem to be worth it.