8 years ago  /  by Lamar
This place reminds me of the TLC song red light special. The nightlife here is pretty interesting. I don't know if I love it or hate it. It's great for groups of more than 4 to go running the night streets but make this a two person journey and it's nuts. I learned here is where many people try to get you in their bars or clubs. These clubs are those exactly what they seem like type clubs. Make eye contact to almost any of the people and they will spot you like a 10,000 yen bill on the ground. Other than that this place is a fun experience even to feel as if you're in some Japanese gangster movie. So rules, don't make eye contact unless you want to be bothered about clubs. You have to pay to get in some even if you want to look, and yes it's like Nigerian and Yakuza movies.