Haneda Airport Terminal 2

The story behind the evolution of Haneda Airport. Enjoy a good time at the airport as recreation.

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Spend a leisurely time at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 which won World's Best Domestic Airport before you take off!
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Haneda Airport Terminal 2, Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo
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A near-future design with a sense of freedom

Haneda Airport’s Big Bird has been getting a lot of attention with its gaining of international routes and an increase in passengers. According to SKYTRAX which reviews international airports, Haneda became No. 1 in the world in 2 categories: Best Domestic Airport and World’s Cleanest Airport.

Haneda Airport provides everything in cleanliness, convenience, enjoyment and amenities. It’s not just a transfer point for domestic flights but is also a fun airport where you can enjoy watching the planes. It would be a waste to just be on time for a flight. By all means, get to Haneda Airport’s Big Bird Terminal 1 and spend a nice time there before taking off.

Let us introduce the domestic flight Terminal 2 which has gained in popularity since its opening in December 2004. First off, the building’s original design is impressive. With a motif of the ocean, it has a flexible design with curved lines everywhere, a dynamic vaulted ceiling, and a lobby where you can view the sea from any point. Its near-future design with a sense of freedom is a definite attraction.

When it comes to shopping at the airport, bookstores and souvenir shops are the usual, but there is the Marketplace which has high-class stores reminiscent of famous department stores along with a 100-yen store. There is also a great variety of restaurants and cafes so that it is difficult to choose one. On the 3rd floor of the Marketplace known as UPPER DECK TOKYO, the space there is so relaxing that it’s hard to believe that it is an airport with a food court, cafes and bars. You can take it easy at the sofas and tables, and not only can you have Japanese food but you can also partake in various international cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Thai and Turkish. On the other hand, there are also top-class restaurants on the 4th and 5th floors which are great for folks who want to enjoy a leisurely meal.

At South Pia on the 3rd floor, there is Japan’s first airport art museum called Discovery Museum. The theme of the exhibits changes sometimes, but since you can enjoy old Japanese art works for free, spend some quiet time with these genuine artifacts.

At North Pia on the 2nd floor, there is the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu which is great as an airport hotel when you have to deal with inconvenient departure and arrival times and any sudden problems.

It’s just like its own city. Instead of just passing through, why not relax a bit here before starting that new voyage?

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From Tokyo Station to Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho Station, change trains to the Tokyo-Monorail to Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (33 minutes, ¥650)From Shinjuku Station to Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho Station, change trains to the Tokyo-Monorail to Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (50 minutes, ¥770)

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6 years ago
The design of the airport is incredible.
Honestly, this domestic airport is so much better than the Haneda international airport. My fave part is the observatory deck from which you can see planes depart and land. I just like this airport so much.
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9 years ago
My tradition
Mannnn so many great memories come from this airport. I've flown to this airport 4 times for my stays in Tokyo and it has been great. First time was with my roommate and usually we get in around 10 so we sorta stay the night in the airport till morning and there are many shops around that time that are closed but still fun to walk around. The place has wifi that has been saved on my phone since 2013. There is an observation deck that's outside to see the planes land and sunset sunrise which is a spectacular view. I have made many friends from meeting people here. The staff here are very friendly. Its easy to get from here to Akihabara and Asakusa. I recently came here with my cousin who almost got us deported by accidentally putting business on his declaration of departure, that was a fun tale I'll never let him live down.
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9 years ago
The cleanest airport terminal I've had the pleasure to visit
I have flown to and from Haneda Airport Terminal 2 twice, and both times I have found it to be spotlessly clean, easy to get around, and generally full of convenience (and convenience stores). There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and even a museum inside the terminal, offering you plenty to do whilst you wait around. Great food and good prices add to the enjoyment.
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