Tennoji, Osaka

There are many stores for shopping. But there are also plenty of cultural facilities such as an art museum and a zoo.

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There are shopping facilities, an art museum, a zoo, and Shitenno-ji Temple within walking distance from Tennoji Station. So it is a compact area that has many attractions. There is also good access to Kita and Minami areas with one subway ride.
Hidenincho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Tennoji, a town where living, nature and culture co-exist

Along with the other hubs of Osaka, Kita (Umeda and Osaka Station), and Minami (Namba, Shinsaibashi), the district surrounding the important terminal of Tennoji Station known as the Abeno-Tennoji area has the nation’s tallest building in the form of Abeno Harukas with its stores and other commercial facilities such as the grand shopping malls which include Abeno Q’s Mall and Tennoji Mio. Within walking distance, there is Shitenno-ji Temple which boasts a 1400-year-old history, the Osaka Art Museum with over 8000 examples of Oriental art and Japanese art works, the Tennoji Zoo with 900 animals of 200 species residing over 11 hectares and many other facilities where you can enjoy nature and culture.

The Osaka Art Museum with a preeminent collection of Oriental and Japanese art

At the Osaka Art Museum which has exhibition rooms on its 2 above-ground floors and in the underground floor, there are over 8000 items which include Japanese and Chinese paintings, sculptures and crafts. Many of these have been designated as National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. Among these, there is a famous prominent collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphic works and Chinese Buddhist sculptures, and as for works of Japanese art, there are paintings, writings, Buddhist art and furnishings ranging widely from ancient times to the Edo Era, a worthy lineup that has been brought together at the museum.

The popular Tennoji Zoo with its unique way of exhibition

At the 11-hectare Tennoji Zoo, the habitats have been re-created to the best possible ability via the popular “Ecological Display” method of introducing the residing animals. You can enjoy the Reptile House IFAR, the African Savanna Zone with hippos, giraffes and lions, and the Asian Tropical Rain Forest which includes the African Elephant, zones where you can observe life forms up close in their natural habitats much like a safari park. Also, the koala bears, polar bears and the nocturnal kiwis are popular. During feeding time which occurs daily, you can observe the animals feeding vigorously. It is a place where families want to visit.

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