Abeno Harukas

Japan’s highest building with a superb view 300 m above ground!

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Abeno Haruka is Osaka’s newest sightseeing spot, built in the spring of 2014. Visit the observation deck that boasts a view from 300m above ground! This is a must-see spot!
Business Hours
Saturday ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Sunday ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Adult: 1,500 JPY
Children: 700 JPY
あべのハルカス 〒545-8545 大阪府大阪市 阿倍野区阿倍野筋
(06) 6624-1111

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The Highest Observation Platform in Japan

Abeno Harukas is a multi-purpose facility opened in spring 2014 that brings together shopping, restaurants, cafes, a hotel and an art gallery into one place. What is especially recommended inside is the Observation Platform Harukas 300 on the 60th floor, 300 m above ground, Japan’s highest point. You can see all of Osaka’s famous sites such as Osaka Castle, famed landmark Tsutenkaku, Shitenno-ji Temple that boasts a history of over 1400 years. You can enjoy the view of Osaka at a leisurely pace in the open-air garden plaza while on the walkway surrounded by 360 degrees of glass. What is distinctive is the integrated café/bar in the plaza. As a can’t-miss secret viewing spot, there are the 58th-floor washrooms in the observation area. From there, you can look at the view through the glass so they could be called the most scenic washrooms in Japan. The observation platform area can be accessed with a day pass. In addition, a tour to the heliport has also been opened, limited to 30 people at a time every day. Since you can have a 360° view without being cut off by the glass, please try it out if you have the time. By all means, check out the shop selling goods associated with Abeno Bear, the character mascot for Abeno Harukas. There is also a 1-day pass for people who want to enjoy views during both day and night. After enjoying Harukas, how about heading over to Shitenno-ji Temple and Tsutenkaku since they are within walking distance?

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