Shinsekai is filled with the atmosphere of the good old days of Japan

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Shinsekai makes you feel as if you time traveled to Osaka in the 1960s. Surrounding Osaka’s symbolic Tsutenkaku, it is an area recommended for Osaka delicacies such as kushikatsu (skewers of seasoned meat) and takoyaki (deep-fried balls of octopus and batter).
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Tsutenkaku 9am-9pm
1-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
(06) 6641-9555

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Osaka’s famous scenery and food

Tsutenkaku is the tower that was completed in 1956 by the same man who designed Tokyo Tower, Tachuu Naito. On the observation platform, there is the Billiken statue, popular with Osakans, and if you stroke the soles of his feet, you will make money. Although not a tall building, you can see the animals at Tennoji Zoo and can enjoy quite an interesting view of buildings, cars and people. The area around Tsutenkaku is called Shinsekai, and there are restaurants side-by-side selling the Osakan delicacy of kushikatsu. Depending on the shop, the menu will vary so “barhopping” is recommended. It’s an area where you can enjoy all at once famous Osakan fare such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). There is “New Star”, a “smartball” (a non-pachinko form of pinball) facility right by Tsutenkaku where you can experience some old-fashioned Japanese amusement for just 100 yen. After strolling through the shopping arcade of Jan-Jan Yokocho, you can walk over and visit Tennoji Zoo and Spa World. Tennoji Zoo has areas such as one recreated as an African savannah and a water tank where you can observe hippos swimming; it’s a large and elaborately planned zoo where you can also see koalas. Spa World is a large-scale onsen (hot spring) facility with a theme of the world’s baths, open 24 hours a day which also has an added pool and gym. The facility also provides towels so you can enjoy yourself without needing to bring anything. It’s a bathing amusement park facility developed especially because it’s Japanese.

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7 years ago
60's Osaka
Shinsekai has many restaurants and sake bar. They are bright color and look like '60s Osaka. You should definitely try kushikatsu. It's low-priced but delicious! It's a good idea that you try some kushikatsu restaurants. Here is one of the best spot to take Tsutenkaku photos. When you find Billiken statue, you must stroke the soles of his feet. If you do so, you will make money!
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