Noritake Garden

Tour a ceramics factory in the lush green park and enjoy facilities such as the restaurant

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Noritake is a company famous as a manufacturer of ceramics, and the garden was built on the factory’s premises. From a tour of the factory to the restaurant, it is a multipurpose complex where you can even enjoy trying ceramics painting.
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ノリタケの森, Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi
(052) 561-7142

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Utilizing the premises of a tableware factory

It was once a factory for the production of tableware but over the course of time, the manufacturing came to an end. On those premises, a park and a restaurant were built. The distinctive park makes use of the existing structures such as the red brick factory and part of the large chimney that once stood 45 meters tall. Along with the restaurant and shops, there are many examples of life such as insects and flora to create its own fully natural biotope. Entry is free so it is a popular tourist site as a multipurpose facility to which you can bring the family.

Have fun at Noritake Garden!

First off, you can interact with the abundance of nature at Noritake Garden. An idea born in Germany, Noritake Garden was brought in here as a biotope, creating an environment of living things that can exist within the city. You can see insects, fish and wild birds here. Also, it’s a park with cherry and maple trees, and in the summer, the grass splendidly shines. Noritake is a manufacturer of fine ceramics. At the craft shop in Noritake Garden, you can take a look at everything from the manufacturing of bone china to ceramics painting (only this area requires a fee). There is also a museum where you can view exhibits such as elegant decorative plates created in the Meiji Era by Noritake. Furthermore, you can do your own ceramics painting of an original plate or mug. For a separate charge, an oven-fired creation can be delivered overseas to your home, so please give it a try as a memento of your trip. At the shops, you can also purchase tableware. And at the adjacent restaurant, Noritake ware is used.

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8 years ago
Plates, bricks, gardens, industrial heritage ... and dinosaurs?
A sign at the entrance to Noritake Gardens informs me that all animals must be kept in a cage; who exactly brings their caged dog to a public garden? This place is very famous because it is the birthplace of modern pottery in Japan. There is a place marked on the map called ‘Chimney Gardens’, so I head to there to find six tall chimneys shrouded in foliage. The remains of the pottery plant. The view of these historic chimneys is unexpectedly spoilt by a dinosaur. For no reason that I can see, on the old grounds of this historic site, this award winning historic site, are three robotic dinosaurs. They move around, their mouths open and close, they roar at the children. This is a site of industrial heritage, and features the conservation of a 110 year old kiln that was used to develop the first Noritake plate. The company still trades today, and throughout Japan, Noritake tableware is a household name. The remains of the factory wall can be seen too, rebuilt from the bricks of old kilns. Bricks were imported into Japan at the end of the Edo period, and the remains of the red brick plant is also valuable industrial heritage. The remains of the wall this time obstructed by Tyrannosaurus Rex. Unbelievable. Also, for reasons I can’t explain, there are thousands of dragonflies here too. I am not sure what it is about bricks that dragonflies like, but there are so many that everywhere I walk I have to avoid being hit by one of the stray insects as they dart about without a care. No cages for the dragonflies here.
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