JR Central Towers

The Nagoya station buildings that were once recognized by Guinness as being the world’s tallest

JR Central Towers were recognized as being the tallest station building complex in the world up to 2014, and are still considered as the tallest such complex in Japan. The two cylindrical buildings are a symbol of Nagoya.
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A symbol of Nagoya and formerly the world’s tallest station buildings

The JR Central Towers that were built alongside Nagoya Station are station buildings that consist of two towers of 53 and 51 floors and a lower structure that has 18 floors. At a height of 245.1 meters, it is so tall that it can be seen from neighboring prefectures. Because of its height and the two cylindrical towers, the complex has become symbolic of Nagoya. Until it was superseded in 2014 by the ultra-high skyscraper, Abeno Harukas, in Osaka, it had been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the tallest station buildings in the world. The lower section of JR Central Towers contains the concourse for Nagoya Station and Takashimaya Department Store, while one tower has the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel and the other tower is an office building. There are also facilities such as a restaurant area, a fitness club and an observation lounge. It can be considered a station building that pioneered the ultra-high building concept where you can enjoy shopping and dining on the underground levels and enjoy the vista of Nagoya. Also, since JR Central Towers is the station building for Nagoya Station, it is advantageous for its access. Naturally, there is JR Nagoya Station where private trains, subways and buses arrive and depart, and the area is easily accessible to major tourist sites in Nagoya and to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto by Bullet Train.

Enjoy dining, shopping and the view

The lower section of JR Central Towers is the department store Takashimaya which goes from the 2nd basement all the way up to the 11th floor. Starting with the basement food market, Takashimaya sells fashion for ladies, men and children, and has a bookshop and CD store. You can enjoy some leisurely shopping with cafes located on each floor. Restaurants are located on the 11th and 12th floors. Furthermore, in the 51-floor office building, there is the Panorama Salon managed by Takashimaya where you can enjoy the view while dining.

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8 years ago
Another train station with great architecture
If you visit Nagoya, it would be difficult to miss JR Central Towers, one, because they are towers, and two, because they are central. The main hub of Nagoya railway traffic, and contained within is a nice mix of restaurants and views from the top. Outside, the towers stand tall and offer a Polaris of sorts for when you are lost in the maze of Nagoya streets and office buildings. Great looking building with great facilities.
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