Midland Square

Enjoy the view from the tallest skyscraper in the Chubu region and the variety of the commercial facilities

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At Midland Square, you’ll find high end brand shops, restaurants, an observation deck, the automobile showroom, and a movie theater. It is also has very good access as it’s near Nagoya Station.
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Saturday ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
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Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )

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Meieki Midland Square, Nakamura-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 450-6205
(052) 527-8877

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Midland Square, just a 1-minute walk away from Nagoya Station

The 240-meter-high Midland Square is the tallest structure in Aichi Prefecture and is the 5th-tallest building in Japan. Major enterprises such as Toyota Motors and the Mainichi Shinbun Newspaper Company are located within this ultra-high skyscraper. There are offices and other commercial facilities from the 6th floor to the 40th floor, but from the first underground floor up to the 5th floor, there are restaurants and brand shops such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, and on the 5th floor itself, there is Midland Square Cinema. On the 1st floor, there is the Toyota Motors showroom and the Lexus Gallery where you can sightsee the latest cars of an automobile company which is an Aichi Prefecture enterprise and a symbol of Japanese business. The 41st and 42nd floors have the Sky Restaurants while the 44th and 46th floors are observation decks. As well, there are facilities such as a travel agency, a bank, a cellphone store, a clinic with an ophthalmologist and a dentist, and an English conversation school. Just a 1-minute walk from Nagoya Station, Midland Square is connected by underground passageway to Nagoya Subway Station so access is also great. Since you can drop by casually if you are sightseeing in Nagoya, you can take advantage of dining and shopping at Midland Square.

You can get a panoramic view of the city of Nagoya from the Sky Promenade

At the outdoor observation facility on the 44th floor known as the Sky Promenade, you can get a 360-degree view of Nagoya. The grand view of the city by day is also wonderful, but the night view is exceptional. A magical view of the nightscape is shown through mist, and it is a planned observation deck with a different atmosphere through its lighting. Displays are shown via the surface of the walls. As of February 2015, the theme for the deck has been World Heritage sites. To get up to the observation level, you can use Midland Square’s double-deck shuttle elevators where you can also enjoy that view of Nagoya.

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8 years ago
Shopping, restaurants it has it all!
You can find heaps of delicious restaurants and modern shopping areas. You can also see amazing views of the city from the Sky promenade observation desk.
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9 years ago
Shops, restaurants, and a lot of Toyota
Inside Midland Square there are many shops and restaurants. The official name for this skyscraper is the Toyota-Mainichi Building. This building is tall. The elevators take an alarmingly quick forty seconds to rise all the way to the top of this 247 meter tall structure. It also boasts the highest open-air observation deck in Japan. Inside there are posh restaurants, two car showrooms, a cinema, and sixty big brand stores like Luis Vuitton and Vulcanize. All the places that I would never shop at. Instead, I go and look at some cars. A Toyota TS010 and a Toyota TS030 Hybrid are on display in one of the lobbies, and a friendly staff member gives me far too much information about Toyota products that I eventually leave, passing up on the opportunity of a photograph of me pretending to drive a car that I could never afford.
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