Nagasaki Peace Park

Conveying hopes for peace and learning from the tragedy of the atomic bomb

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Nagasaki became a target of the atomic bomb during the Second World War. Nagasaki Peace Park continues to relate the tragic conditions after the bombing and the importance of world peace to future generations.
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2400-3 Matsuyamamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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The Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the Peace Statue

During World War II on August 9th 1945 at 11:02 a.m., an atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki and in one moment, many lives were lost and many more suffered the aftereffects. At the bombing’s hypocenter, Nagasaki Peace Park was created to put forward hopes for world peace so that the tragedy of war is never repeated. In this grand park of approximately 18.6 hectares, there are 5 zones: the Zone of Hopes, the Zone of Prayers, the Zone of Learning, the Sports Zone and the Plaza Zone which are areas where the tragedy of war is addressed, hopes for peace are cultivated, the importance of peace is realized through contact, and the nobility of peace is declared. The Zone of Hopes was completed in 1955 and is where the Peace Statue is located. A bronze statue 9.7 meters in height and 30 tonnes in weight, its right hand points to the threat of nuclear weapons while its left hand is open in peace as its face is in prayer for the repose for those lost in the war. Every year on August 9th, “Nagasaki Peace Day”, the Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the statue, and a declaration of peace is made toward the entire world. A prayer is made for those who lost their lives while searching for water, and in 1969, a Fountain of Peace measuring 18 meters in diameter was built. In the Zone of Prayers in the hypocenter, there is a monument on the atomic blast and the remains of the wall of Urakami Cathedral which once boasted a splendor unrivaled in the Orient are on display. In the Zone of Learning, the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum displays a re-creation of the city immediately following the atomic blast as well as photos and items showing the blast damage. It also addresses the threat and inhumanity of nuclear weapons and the tragedy of war.

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6 years ago
A reminder of war times
In this park, you would find a number of peace monuments that came from different countries around the world. There are also survivors who would share their story about the atomic bomb, and how they managed to survive it. Right next to this park is another smaller park built to mark the "ground zero" or where the atomic bomb was dropped. It is a sad reminder for us all about the horrors of war.
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