Huis Ten Bosch

A resort facility filled with flowers and the recreated of townscape of Medieval Europe

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The flowers in full bloom all year round and the world class display of 13 million lights at night is breathtaking. This is an amusement park resort that is proud to be the No. 1 tourist spot in the Kyushu area.
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*The opening hours can vary depending on the day. Please visit the official website for the details.
Huis Ten Bosch, 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Machi Sasebo, Nagasaki
(0570) 064-110

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Huis Ten Bosch, an amusement park which re-creates the streets of Middle Ages Europe

Huis Ten Bosch has been the leading tourist spot in Kyushu for domestic vacations for 5 years running since 2013. With its epic 1.5 million sq. m. of space and 6km of waterways and greenery, it is an amusement facility which re-creates the streets of Middle Ages Europe surrounded by flowers representing all 4 seasons. Huis Ten Bosch means “The House of the Forest” in Dutch, and it is a place where children and adults can enjoy attractions, museums, restaurants and hotels.  There are also the two great sights of the flowers and the illumination, and there are events such as the world competition for fireworks artists and collaborations with popular anime programs.

A kingdom of flowers

Within the huge grounds, various beautiful flowers are in full bloom during every season via events such the Feb tulip festival which boasts the largest collection of 700 types in the country, the May rose festival with 1.2 million flowers of 2000 different types, the June hydrangea festival with 1,100 types which is the largest in Japan, and a winter orchid exhibition.

A kingdom of light

The Kingdom of Light, which is held from late October to early May, is the world’s largest example of illumination whose 13 million lights light up the entire park. With canal cruises through waterways of light and fountains, unique light displays through events such as parades in which visitors can participate while riding bicycles, the lighting up of the palace and church, and 3D projection mapping at 3 different places, Huis Ten Bosch is one grand event.

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6 years ago
A little bit pricey,,,,
It seems like as if you're being transported to a different country. They definitely went all out for the architectures and decorations in this theme park. With the winter illumination turned on, it became a very magical place. However, the entrance fee is a little bit too expensive since they don't really have that many rides that you could enjoy in the park.
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8 years ago
Where East meets West! Very romantic place especially at night.
I was informed beforehand that it is an amusement park that offers a Dutch experience in Japan. And indeed, it was. It exceeded my expectations. Upon setting foot inside, I was mesmerized on how everything was copied into detail. It feels like I was transported in Amsterdam right away! Even a friend from Italy panicked upon seeing my photo at Huis Ten Bosch, thinking that I'm very close to her place already haha! What made this a good place too is the varying rate of the admission fee. For as low as 4,000 yen I guess you can enter the place with the basic rides. Discounts for students are also available aside from that! Everything inside is very European, the shops, restaurants, the architectural designs as in everything. And the lights my goodness, there were lights everywhere during the night. It was a shimmering place, perfect for couples that is why I thought that this park caters more to adult visitors than kids. The light and sound show was truly captivating that will make you to stay longer or at rent a room at any of their hotels, which is very costly. Like other theme parks in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch is extremely big, like you need to take a small ferry ride to reach other areas of it, as it was located beside the Omura bay. From there, you can have an hour and a half ride to go to Nagazaki City to see other places. I rate Huis Ten Bosch as one of the best places to have a date or marriage proposal, but for kids, maybe they should add more exciting rides for them to appreciate the place more.
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