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The night view from Mt.Inasa is one of the best 3 in Japan but also one of the top 3 in the world

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You can view the beautiful nightscape of Nagasaki Harbor from Mt.Inasa’s observation deck. It is one of the top 3 best night views in Japan and also the world. The highlight is the vast 360-degree panoramic view.
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The $10 million night view

Along with Mt. Hakodate in Hakodate and Mt. Rokko in Kobe, Nagasaki has one of Japan’s top three night views, and such a view from Mt. Inasa’s observation deck is well known. Furthermore in 2012, it was selected as one of the world’s new top 3 night views along with Hong Kong and Monaco. The view seen from Mt. Inasa is called the $10 million night view, and from the cylindrical-shaped View Tower which is covered all around in glass at the top of the mountain (alt. 333m), you can look at a 360-degree panoramic view. With the underground floor and the two levels above ground totally encased in glass, you can experience the night view at your own pace even in rainy weather, and the scenery from the open roof is spectacular. The afternoon scenery has a different feel, and with the Urakami River flowing through the city and plenty of undulating topography, your eyes can take in Nagasaki Harbor and Nagasaki itself, and if the weather is good, you can also see as far as the Goto Islands, Unzen and Amakusa. For those who want to see both types of scenery, coming just before sunset is recommended. There is also a restaurant on the observation deck where you can enjoy a meal and a drink while viewing the night scene.

A gondola designed by the man who also dealt with Ferrari

You can reach the top of the mountain by ropeway in 5 minutes, and in November 2011, the gondola was upgraded thanks to KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN spearheaded by Kiyoyuki Okuyama who also undertook the design of Ferrari projects in Italy. The 360-degree view from the gondola is splendid. To get to the ropeway station, you can take a free round-trip bus from the major hotels.

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