Taisho Pond

The first scenic spot as you enter the Kamikochi area. The pond has a lovely mirror-like surface.

Taisho Pond has a beautiful surface which reflects the Hotaka Mountains, and with surrounding scenery symbolizing Kamikochi such as standing dead trees and the morning haze, it has an attractive walking course on which you can fully appreciate nature.
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Taisho Pond, created from the mighty eruption of Mt. Yakedake

The first sights that most people visiting Kamikochi come across are Mt. Yakedake and Taisho Pond. The pond was first formed from a huge eruption of Mt. Yakedake on June 6th 1915 which dammed up a river. It is located at 1490m altitude with a depth of 3.9m and a circumference of 2.4km. At the lone accommodations by the pond, the Taisho Pond Hotel, you can see Taisho Pond and Mt. Yakedake in front of your very eyes. The hotel is also a great place to stay to witness the morning haze which is a summer phenomenon at the pond.

The seasonal scenery which attracts tourists

Many in the mass media flock to the clear pond and soaring Mt. Yakedake in the background as one of the symbolic landscapes of Kamikochi. The morning haze is the sign of summer at Taisho Pond. Before the sun starts peeking out, the surface of the pond and the trees on the mountain are enveloped in the morning mist creating a mysterious atmosphere, a phenomenon that you will want to see during the season at Kamikochi. In the fall, the changing colors of the leaves on the Judas trees, white birch and larch herald the end of the season. The brilliance of the leaves are reflected on the pond surface, and with the combination of the first snow at the mountain peak, the golden leaves of the larch and the green of the pine trees, you can view three levels of seasonal hues.

A walking course to enjoy Kamikochi

Tourists heading for Kamikochi frequently use the bus or taxi up to Kappbashi Bridge, but it’s even better to get off at Taisho Pond beforehand and then walk up to the bridge. The nature trail that begins from the pond is ideal to experience Mother Nature at Kamikochi through features such as Tashiro Pond which doesn’t freeze over even when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the grand Mt. Yakedake and the very clear Azusa River. You might even be able to meet up with some wild monkeys during your walk which will have plenty of variety.

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