One of Japan’s most beautiful mountain areas which has also been recognized nationally as a Special Area of Scenic Beauty

Walking through the area while viewing the precipitous 3000m mountains is a popular activity. Along with scenic spots such as Kappabashi Bridge and Taisho Pond, the 1500m mountain resort is also a place where you can encounter wild monkeys.
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A suitable area to enjoy a mountain landscape

Kamikochi is a wide valley at an altitude of 1500m deep in the 3000m range of the Northern Alps beginning with Mt. Hotaka. During the Meiji Era, the area was introduced to the world by an Englishman and symbolizes Japan as a beautiful mountainous region. It has been nationally recognized alongside Chubu Sangaku National Park as a Special Area of Scenic Beauty as well as a Special Natural Monument. The annual climbing season lasts from April 27th to November 15th, and the area is visited every year by 1.5 million tourists and climbers.

4 spots that represent Kamikochi

The symbol of Kamikochi, Kappabashi, is a suspension bridge going over the Azusa River. The Hotaka Mountains viewed from the bridge and the green chosenia plants make for a superb view. Taisho Pond was formed from an eruption by Mt. Yakedake, and the sight of sunken dead trees still standing and the morning mist create a mysterious atmosphere. Then there are Tashiro Marsh and Tashiro Pond which suddenly pop up in the middle of the forested area. Known for its pretty azaleas, the area takes on bright colors in autumn. At Myojin Pond which never entirely freezes over even in winter, there is the rear shrine for Hotaka Shrine which is known as a power spot.

The walking course popular even with foreign tourists

Kamikochi is not only popular with the Japanese but also with foreign travelers as a tourist destination. The carefully-placed walking course has some high areas but there are basically few ups and downs so that hikers can enjoy their time without worry as they continue along the level path. You can choose from the easy 1-hour course to the 5-hour course according to your taste where it is possible to encounter wild monkeys during your walk. There is an average drop of 5 to 10 degrees compared to the temperature down in the town at the foot of the mountain so it is advised that proper clothing be worn even during the summer.

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