Myojin Pond

A mysterious pond interweaving water, mountains and greenery in the sanctuary of Hotaka Shrine

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Myojin Pond is a gourd-shaped pond consisting of a larger pond and a smaller pond. While the landscape can naturally be enjoyed, there is also the rear shrine of Hotaka Shrine on the shore which is also popular as a power spot.
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The power spot of Kamikochi

Walking from Kappbashi Bridge along the left bank of the Azusa River for about an hour, you will cross the Myojin Bridge to arrive at Myojin Pond. A pond with the shape of a gourd, it consists of a larger pond and a smaller pond. On the shore of the pond, there is a sanctuary which has enshrined the rear shrine for Hotaka Shrine. Because underground water is always flowing from Mt. Myojin, the pond doesn’t entirely freeze over even in the winter. Approaching the pond, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the soaring Mt. Myojin, the greenery of chosenia and bamboo grass, and the large rock situated in the middle of the pond.

The solemn atmosphere of the rear shrine of Hotaka Shrine

Myojin Pond is located within the privately-owned sanctuary of Hotaka Shrine and has been called Kagami (Mirror) Pond or the Kami (God) Pond. The enshrined deity of the shrine is the sea god who flourished far away in Kita-Kyushu and is enshrined as the local Shinto deity for the Northern Alps. Kamikochi has been the most appropriate sacred ground enshrining deities since ancient times, and annually on October 8th, the Myojin Pond Boat Festival is held. An event that has been held for 60 years, Shinto priests in Heian Era clothing board 2 boats and pray for safety on the mountain for the year.

2 walking courses to enjoy

From the Kamikochi symbol of Kappbashi Bridge to Myojin Pond, there are 2 walking courses going upstream along the Azusa River: the 3.5km course on the right bank and the 3km course on the left bank. The right bank course is a narrow wooden path where you can view landscapes specific to Kamikochi such as marshland and rivers. The left bank course is a wide gentle course with many points along the way with a view of the Hotaka Mountains. Leisurely walking while admiring the spreading carpet of flowers at your feet is the ideal way to enjoy your time. You should change courses as you go and come from the pond.

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