Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station

Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station is the most popular of the stations along the 4 Mount Fuji climbing routes

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This is the climbing route with the largest number of users. It is recommended for first time climbers of Mt. Fuji because of its mountain huts and leisure facilities for tourists
5617 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi

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First-time climbers can take on Mt. Fuji securely

Since Mt. Fuji’s inclusion as a World Heritage site in 2013, overseas tourists have also climbed the mountain. There are 4 routes to get up Mt. Fuji of which the most popular is the Yoshida Route (the others are the Subashiri, Fujinomiya and Gotemba Routes). On that route is Subaru Line 5th Station (the 5th Station is the beginning to the mountain climb). Of all of the 5th Stations, the Subaru Line is the one which is most geared toward tourists with restaurants and shops. Being able to use buses and cars from there, there are also many visitors who don’t climb Mt. Fuji. By using the toll road of the Fuji-Subaru Line, you can enjoy driving up to 5th Station from Lake Kawaguchi. And you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the grand Mt. Fuji right in front of your eyes.

Enjoy Mt. Fuji without having to climb it at Subaru 5th Station

There is a rest house, a Japanese restaurant popular with overseas tourists and Mt. Fuji souvenirs at the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station where the lake opens up right below and with the great view of the Southern Alps. And at the station, there is also a post office where you can get original commemorative stamps and postcards. Family and friends would probably be happy to receive your letters. For people who don’t like mountain climbing but wouldn’t mind a small walk up, there is a service where you can do so on horseback. It’s great to get up to the 7th Station while leisurely riding on a horse. Since without getting up to the peak, you can get a great view of the sunrise from Mt. Fuji at the 8th Station, it’s easy for novice climbers. You can enjoy the scenery and meals at the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th Station and try out climbing on the routes which have also been registered as World Heritage sites. So how about getting your fill of Mother Nature at the No. 1 mountain of Japan?

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6 years ago
Amazing views
The day I visited was cloudy which created a magical view as we the fifth station is above the clouds. There is plenty of great souvenier shops and foods to buy here too.
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7 years ago
Buzzing with excited climbers
At Subaru Line Fifth Station the sun was shining and the mood was rather upbeat. There were restaurants, souvenir shops, and shops selling clothing and climbing gear; just as well as I had forgotten to bring any warm clothing, so a nice fleece with the image of Mount Fuji was purchased for ¥6000. I enjoyed a nice Japanese meal at one of the small restaurants before the climb. At the Fifth Station there were also coin lockers, which were ideal so I didn't have to carry anything that wasn't essential to the climb.
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