Gotemba 5th Station

The longest, but the most standard, climbing route

The least used climbing route of all the routes going up Mount Fuji. The scenery tends to get somewhat monotonous, but there is a place where the sunrise can be seen. “Osunabashiri” (great sand run) on the climb down is especially famous.
2110-10 Nishizawa, Nakabata, Gotemba, Shizuoka
(0550) 76-5000


A relaxing uncrowded climb

Since Mt. Fuji’s designation as a World Heritage site in 2013, the number of people climbing the mountain has grown. To climb the mountain, there are 4 routes in total. Those are the Subashiri, Fujinomiya, Yoshida and Gotemba courses. The Gotemba route is the least populated one. At an altitude of 1440 meters, the Gotemba New 5th Station is the gateway to climb the mountain via the Gotemba route. Compared to the other stations, it is the lowest in altitude and therefore it is ideal for the body to get accustomed to the climb. On the other hand, the climb to the peak is the longest and although it is comfortable, the route is for climbers who have the stamina. During climbing season, there are regular buses from JR Gotemba Station. Since the number of climbers using this route is small, it is recommended for those who want to climb at their own pace. However, one point of caution is that it is easy to get lost on the path and it is a climbing route which is taxing on the body due to the long distance. The course is rather monotonous, but it is also possible to view the sunrise from Mt. Fuji along the climbing route at a high altitude. For experienced climbers and those with the stamina, why not try the relatively well-liked Gotemba route?

The Osunabashiri is the most popular attraction on the Gotemba route

During the climb down on the Gotemba route, there is the Osunabashiri made up of volcanic gravel. It is difficult to walk slowly atop the soft and fluffy gravel, and even if trying to hold your footing, you may still end up heading down at a short run. It is a popular spot so it is sometimes crowded with people while climbing down since they want to get a taste of that exhilarating feeling running down at full speed an altitude of 1000 meters. You can get down the mountain in a short period of time running flat out but the fatigue will be very hard on your body afterwards. Also for this, caution is needed so this should be for climbers who have the physical strength.

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