Sights in Miyagi


Known as one of the Three Views of Japan, Matsushima has a superb view of large and small islands which has continued...

Zuigan-ji Temple

A National Treasure temple which Masamune Date devoted himself to building with the air of gorgeous Momoyama culture

The Four Views of Matsushima

The perfect points to view Matsushima amid the mountains

Sun Mall Ichibancho Shopping District

An all-weather shopping arcade that is fine in rain or snow with 80 stores

Godaido Temple

This temple standing on a small island is the oldest example of Momoyama-style architecture in the Tohoku region. It ...

Entsuin Temple

This is a Zen Buddhist temple where you can relax in the Meditation Garden. There are four beautiful gardens which sp...


Leisurely enjoy a cup of matcha tea while viewing Matsushima Bay. Kanrantei has also become a place to enjoy viewing ...


A lush green natural park on Matsushima Bay. Head to the island via a vermillion bridge


The most popular vantage point among the “Matsushima Shitaikan” (Four Panoramic Views of Matsushima) is the “Sokan” (...

Sendai Tanabata Festival

A star festival with gorgeous Tanabata streamers brilliantly decorating the city

Sendai City Museum

A museum which owns the cultural properties of the distinguished Date family with a pre-eminent sense of beauty

Site of Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle)

The site of Masamune Date’s ruling castle. The view of Sendai from the equestrian statue of Date is wonderful!

Fukuura Bridge

The red arched bridge on Matsushima Bay is famous to the locals as a matchmaking bridge


The dazzling beauty of the ornamentation is incredible. Zuihoden is a National Treasure and the final resting place o...

Jozenji Street

The main street of Sendai pleasantly lined with beautiful zelkova trees

Osaki Hachiman-gu Shrine

The shrine of the general guardian deity for Sendai which stands out for the splendor of its ornamentation representa...

Miyagi Zao Fox Village

Be welcomed by 100 foxes. You can even get up close and personal with the animals in the Zao woods!

Japan Kokeshi Museum

A giant kokeshi welcomes you to a museum specializing in the famous Japanese kokeshi doll!

Naruko-kyo Gorge

The dynamic gorge cut into a deep V-shape has a grand spectacular natural view

Naruko Onsen Shrine

A historic shrine protecting Naruko Onsen in the town of onsen and kokeshi dolls