The dazzling beauty of the ornamentation is incredible. Zuihoden is a National Treasure and the final resting place of the feudal lord Masamune Date

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This mausoleum applies the design of Azuchi-Momoyama culture which is known for its gorgeous ornamentation and architecture. It was constructed in 1937 as the final resting place for the founding leader of the Sendai clan, Masamune Date, but burned down due to war damage. However it was rebuilt in 1979.
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Open: February 1st-November 30th 9am - 4:30pm (final entry time) December 1st-January 31st 9am – 4pm(final entry time) Holidays: December 31st(Museum January 1st)
Adult: 550 YEN

University students 550 yen High school students 400 yen Elementary/Junior high school students 200 yen
23-2,Otamayashita, Aoba-ku,Sendai, Miyagi
(022) 262-6250

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