The Four Views of Matsushima

See the amazing view of Matsushima from four mountains in different directions

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There are four locations with amazing views of the beautiful Matsushima scenery, famous since the Edo Era. From the four mountain tops, you can enjoy the view, each with their own remarkable traits.
Otakamori, Miyato, Higashimatsushima-shi, Miyagi

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Four grand panoramic views where you can most beautifully see the scenery of Matsushima

For Matsushima, the most beautiful viewpoints are located at four locations representing each direction, and they are known as Sokan, Reikan, Ikan and Yukan. In particular, the northern Reikan from Tomiyama boasts a beautiful view that has been illustrated into a famous painting by the popular ukiyo-e artist, Hiroshige Utagawa.

The eastern Sokan from Otakamori

Sokan’s Otakamori at 105.8m in altitude is located basically in the center of Miyakojima. The scene of Matsushima Bay seen from east to west includes islands immediately to the front with Matsushima Hill in the distance, and if the weather is good, even Mt. Zao can be seen. The 360°epic view is the highlight.

The northern Reikan from Tomiyama

Reikan’s Tomiyama at 116.8m in altitude is located near the border of Higashi-Matsuyama City. At the top of the mountain, there exists the Historic Site of Tomiyama Kannon-do Hall, and the unobstructed view from the front of its Niomon Gate shows the beautiful Matsushima Bay in its full glory. In addition, from Daigyo-ji Temple that is located just a little below the hall, a panoramic view of both Matsushima and a garden can be enjoyed.

The western Yukan from Ogiyama

Yukan’s Ogiyama at 55.8m in altitude is located close to the Sokanzan entrance to the Matsushima Panorama Line. The view from the top of the mountain is called Ogiyama (Folding Fan Mountain) because it resembles that of a fan gracefully opening. There remains the serenity of a mountain and in the past, there was a temple situated there. Currently, only a nearby small cavern called Daruma-do Hall remains, and its silence is a tribute to the world of the occult. The beauty of its fall foliage is also famous.

The southern Ikan from Tamonzan

Ikan’s Tamonzan at 55.6m in altitude is located at Yogasaki in Shichigahama-machi. The view from behind Bishamon-do Hall on the top of the mountain is splendid, and you can get the closest view to the islands among the four views. From the nearby Shiogama Port and the Matsushima coast, you can see as far as Mt. Kinkazan.

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