1 day itinerary

Travel plan for first timers in Kamakura

A tour of Kamakura which is an ancient capital of Japan. The model course which you can fully enjoy for the Great Buddha, Hase-dera Temple and Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu. You can also enjoy the cuisine and cafes of Kamakura on the popular Komachi-dori Avenue.

Day 1

Hasedera Temple ( 11:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM )
Great Buddha(Kotoku-in) ( 11:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM )
Zeniarai Benten Shrine ( 12:30 PM ~ 01:00 PM )
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu ( 01:30 PM ~ 02:30 PM )
Komachi-dori ( 02:30 PM ~ 03:30 PM )

Day 1 - Kamakura

11:00 AM 11:30 AM   -   Hasedera Temple

Hase-dera is famous for its garden. During the rainy season (around June), 2500 colorful hydrangeas of 40 varieties bloom all at once to create a wondrous spectacle.

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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:00 AM ~ 04:30 PM )
Price Adults: 300 JPY
Child: 100 JPY
Address Hase-dera, 3-11-2 Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa See map
Telephone 0467-22-6300
Website http://www.hasedera.jp/en/

11:30 AM 12:00 PM   -   Great Buddha(Kotoku-in)

The tourist spot symbolizing Kamakura, you can even enter the interior of the huge Great Buddha itself. US President Obama also visited the statue when he came to Japan.

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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM )
Price Adults: 200 JPY
Child: 150 JPY
Address 4-2-28 Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa See map
Telephone 0467-22-0703
Website http://www.kotoku-in.jp/en/top.html

12:30 PM 01:00 PM   -   Zeniarai Benten Shrine

When money is washed in the holy water of the shrine’s spring, it is said that you will earn even more money which has given rise to the large number of worshipers who come to wash their money in bamboo baskets.

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Business Hours Everyday ( 08:30 AM ~ 04:30 PM )
Price FREE
Address 銭洗い弁天,2-25-16 Sasuke, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa See map
Telephone 0467-25-1081

01:30 PM 02:30 PM   -   Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

The famous shrine which has acted as the guardian deity for warriors. A symbolic building for tourism in Kamakura, events such as the Kamakura Festival and the Yabusame (horseback archery) are also held there. The hatsumode (first shrine visit) during New Year’s attracts some of the largest numbers of visitors in Japan, and in spring, splendid cherry blossoms open all at once around the path heading towards the shrine and Genpei Pond.

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Business Hours Everyday
Price Entrance is free but there is an admission fee to the museum during opening.
Address Tsurugaoka Hachimangu 2-1-31 Yukinoshita Kamakura, Kanagawa See map
Telephone 0467-22-0315
Website http://www.tsurugaoka-hachimangu.jp/

02:30 PM 03:30 PM   -   Komachi-dori

Cuisine and souvenirs specific to Kamakura can also be enjoyed. Kamakura vegetables and Hato Sable cookies are popular. If there is time, have a ride around town on the rickshaws.

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Address 小町通り, Kanagawa See map

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By Kano