Great Buddha(Kotoku-in)

The Great Buddha; the best sightseeing spot in Kamakura

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Kamakura is a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, nestled between the mountains and the ocean. It is an area that is abundant in nature. The Great Buddha of the Kotoku-in Temple has been designated as a National Treasure.
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4-2-28 Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
(0467) 22-0703

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The City of Kamakura

Kamakura is famous as a summer spot where many people enjoy surfing and marine sports along the coast. With its many historical temples and shrines, it’s a place that has an abundance of nature including the hydrangeas during the rainy season. The local Enoshima Railway linking many of the tourist spots is also popular. Kamakura is one of the recommended tourist spots where you can spend a leisurely time. Also, Kamakura is the site where the Kamakura shogunate was positioned. It is a place that had an enormously important role to play in Japanese politics. The Kamakura Era lasted from 1185 to 1333, and the area has retained temples and historic sites from that time which have been protected under The Ancient Capitals Preservation Law. Kamakura is also a city that has made an effort as a tourist area which has also attracted many visitors from overseas.

Kamakura’s Great Buddha

The large Buddha at Kotoku-in is an attraction that tourists unfailingly take time to visit while in Kamakura. Towering at 13.35 meters and weighing 121 tons, the colossal statue is indeed worthy of its title as the seated image of Amitabha. Although the exact dates as to when it was constructed are unknown, the statue and its surrounding grounds have recently been designated as National Historical Sites. One of the appealing aspects of the statue is that you are able to enter the statue and observe the interior. You can check out many of its iron seams which are remnants of the several dozen examples of casting that the statue underwent. As a result of the surge in foreign visitors, an English website for the temple has been released.

Enoshima Electric Railway

The Enoshima Electric Railway is famous for its very popular railroad running along the seaside in Kamakura. The train moves at the slow speed of 20 kilometers per hour and is enveloped by residential homes located on both sides of the track. This retro-style train has many fans and admirers. Kamakura also has gained a reputation as the city of literature and hence, you will find many sightseeing spots such as buildings associated with literary scholars who once lived in Kamakura. The Enoshima Electric Railway is recommended as the preferred mode of transport to visit the many attractions in Kamakura, especially if purchasing the unlimited 1-day ticket.

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6 years ago
I mean, might as well! You've reached this place, why not go inside?
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8 years ago
Enter the Buddha
The Daibutsu might be a very touristic place in Kamakura, but it's great to experience this tall Buddha in reality. You have even the chance to get inside it for some coins and learn a little bit about how they built this statue.
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9 years ago
The highlight of Kōtoku-in Temple was being allowed to actually go inside the statue of the Great Buddha; a welcome surprise and for a small donation of twenty Japanese yen. The temple grounds are beautiful, and like the Great Buddha, extremely large. A wonderful place to go for a stroll after wandering around inside a giant rusting statue of bronze and gold.
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